What are corrugated plastic cardboard sheets?


Plastic cardboard sheets, which is a corrugated plastic technically known as corrugated polypropylene. It is a plastic resin extruded into a lightweight sheet consisting of two flat pieces sandwiched by evenly spaced channels or grooves. The material provides a uniquely durable and flexible structure.

Corrugated plastic is also known in different countries as coroplast, corflute, correx, danpla, cartonplast, infraboard and other brands.

Plastic cardboard sheets are a new packaging material to replace disposable cardboard

The reality is that shipping goods to multiple locations puts too much stress on the cardboard box. They tear easily, leak easily, and can expose products to chemicals, moisture, and dust, which can quickly damage inventory and hamper the production of the various manufacturing components exposed to these harmful conditions. PP corrugated boxes made from plastic corrugated sheets are an effective, reusable alternative that saves time, money, and resources.

Advantages of PP corrugated sheets

  • Easy to customize – Huiyuan can customize the suitable size, thickness, and shape according to your desired specifications or usage scenarios. The hardness of PP flute sheets can also be customized.
  • Cost-Effective – People want a packaging material that is light, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and affordable. Fortunately, corrugated plastic sheets are specifically designed to handle different applications.
  • More convenient transportation – using pp corrugated boards made of shipping boxes or crates can adapt to rough roads and climate change.
  • Waterproof – The packaging is easily dampened by warehouse storage, sea transportation, or accidental rain. In this case, corrugated plastic would be a better choice.

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