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Corrugated plastic signs are very popular in markets. They are made of corrugated polypropylene sheets, the raw material is eco-friendly polypropylene.

It 's also known as correx/coroplast/corflute signs, and white 4x8 corrugated plastic sign boards are the most popular, the thicknesses we recommend are 4mm and 5mm.

Regular sizes: 12x18 | 12x24 | 18x24 | 24x24 | 24x36 | 24x48 | 36x48 | 48x96( 1220×2440mm), we also can customize other sizes for customers(width<2600 mm).

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    03 Blogs of Coroplast Sign Boards

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    Features of correx sign boards

    The correx sign(also known as coroplast/corflute/corrugated plastic sign) board is easy to see in our daily life, it is a ...
    corrugated plastic signs

    corflute sign board

    Corflute sign board is recyclable and light to work with. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors thanks to its ...

    Blank coroplast sheet

    The blank coroplast sheet refers to white correx/corflute/corrugated plastic board, it is an extruded plastic sheet with hollow structure, the ...

    White coroplast sheet for signs

    White coroplast sheet is an eco-friendly plastic sheet made of polypropylene material. It is also known as correx/corflute/polyflute/danpla/cartonplast/corrugated plastic board ...

    How to improve the service life of printed corflute?

    How to improve the service life of printed corflute? Usually, outdoor printed corflute use 4mm coroplast sign board. If it is humid ...
    blank corrugated plastic signs

    Why are blank corrugated plastic signs the most popular?

    Blank corrugated plastic signs are everywhere. They are made from the very popular eco-friendly material polypropylene and are the perfect ...
    coroplast sign printing

    Why did coroplast sign printing replace aluminum billboards?

    Coroplast sign printing is made of corrugated plastic sheets. The corrugated plastic sheet is a material known for its ability ...

    Coroplast sheets/products

    Coroplast sheets(also known as corrugated polypropylene sheets, impraboard, correx boards, corflute sheets, plastic hollow boards, cartonplast, fluteboard, plastic cardboard, plastic ...
    PP correx sign

    What is a coroplast sign?

    A coroplast sign is a corrugated plastic sign board that made of corrugated polypropylene sheets. The raw material is eco-friendly ...