Corrugated plastic sheets/products


Corrugated plastic sheets(also known as pp hollow boards, coroplast boards, correx panels, corflute boards, pp hollow boards, cartonplast, corriboard, pp carton, fluteboard, etc) are polypropylene boards with hollow structure, made of eco-friendly polypropylene, they have the characteristics of lightweight, waterproof, durable, recyclable, reusable, impact-resistant, rich colors, etc.

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Correx boards can be made into various corrugated plastic products, including:

(1)Corrugated plastic packaging sheets

(2)Corrugated plastic boxes

(3)Corrugated plastic signs

(4)Corrugated plastic floor protection

(5)Corrugated plastic layer pads

(6)Corflute tree guards

(7)Corrugated plastic delta traps

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Corrugated plastic sheets/products

Corrugated plastic sheets(also known as pp hollow boards, coroplast boards, correx panels, corflute boards, pp hollow boards, cartonplast, corriboard, pp ...
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