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January 9, 2024

Red corrugated plastic, a sheet made of polypropylene

Red corrugated plastic, a sheet made of polypropylene, has attracted much attention due to its excellent properties and
orange corrugated plastic
December 27, 2023

Applications of orange corrugated plastic sheets

In today’s diversified packaging and transportation fields, orange corrugated plastic boards, as a high-quality, multi-functional material, are becoming
white corrugated plastic sheets 4x8
December 12, 2023

White corrugated plastic sheets 4×8: features, applications and cost performance

White corrugated plastic sheets 4×8 is a high-quality, efficient, lightweight, and environmentally friendly packaging material with the following
May 11, 2022

7 Features of Coroplast Sheets

The coroplast sheets(also known as plastic hollow board, correx/corflute /corrugated plastic sheet) are extruded from polypropylene raw materials
April 26, 2022

Fluted Polypropylene Sheet – Excellent Supplier from China.

Fluted polypropylene Sheet ,known as Corflute, Plolyflute, Infraboard,Coroplast, Correx, Danpla, cartonplast, Corriboard, Corriflute, fluteboard, is an extruded polypropylene
corrugated plastic cardboard sheets
February 16, 2022

10 Applications Of corrugated plastic cardboard sheets

Corrugated plastic cardboard sheets, also are called plastic carton sheets/boards, correx/corflute/corrugated polypropylene sheets. They are lightweight (hollow structure),
coroplast material
December 23, 2021

Custom Coroplast Material Sheets Density

1. What is coroplast material? The coroplast material (also known as correx material. Corflute material, pp hollow board)