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tree guard
November 18, 2022

PP Corrugated Tree Protectors Made by Huiyuan

PP corrugated tree protectors are triangular, round, or square structures used to protect plants from harsh environments and
where to buy tree guards
October 31, 2022

Where to buy tree guards?-Huiyuan Manufacturer

Are you struggling with “where to buy tree guards”? The seedlings that have just been planted, and the
corrugated plastic divider sheets
October 17, 2022

Advantages to using corrugated plastic divider sheets

Corrugated plastic divider sheets are made from melt-blended polypropylene copolymers and extruded into one piece. Its cross-section is
corrugated box plastic
October 10, 2022

Corrugated box plastic –Huiyuan Manufacturer

The upper and lower surfaces of corrugated box plastic are supported by grooved ribs that provide structure without
impra board
October 6, 2022

Three frequently asked questions about impra board

Impra board is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is more durable than cardboard and lighter than
correx euro stacking pick bins
September 30, 2022

PP Material Correx Euro Stacking Pick Bins -Huiyuan

These correx euro stacking pick bins can not only be used independently but also they can be used
corflute tree guards
September 23, 2022

Five advantages of corflute guards –Huiyuan

If your fruit trees or other seedlings have just been planted, your trees are in a delicate stage
pallet sleeve box
September 22, 2022

Everything you need to know about the pallet sleeve box

Huiyuan pallet sleeve box is an environmentally friendly collapsible bulk container for storage, transit, and warehousing in the
pp corrugated sheets
September 16, 2022

Where to buy corrugated plastic board? –Huiyuan pp corrugated sheet supplier

“Where to buy corrugated plastic board” is a question that many buyers are thinking about. Often users want
pp layer pad
September 15, 2022

Several common styles of pp layer pad

Huiyuan PP layer pad is made of polypropylene corrugated plastic. Four sides and corners are sealed or welded.