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Correx Sheets

Correx sheets are also known as PP hollow boards, corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast panels, and so on. Correx boards are new packaging materials made of molten polypropylene and extruded at high temperatures.

Correx plastic sheets are a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, corrugated plastic sheets do not generate dust during use, and have a high cycle life, which is more than 20-60 times that of corrugated cardboard, will replace cardboard in the near future mainly on packaging use. In addition, correx panels also have the advantages of a lightweight, good toughness, flexible size, and low cost, so pp corrugated boxes will eventually replace injection molding boxes.

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What can Correx Sheets be used for?


1. For Corrugated Plastic Boxes
2. For Coroplast Signs
3. For Correx Floor Protection
4. For Plastic Layer Pads
5. For Corflute Tree Guards
6. For Leaf Chute&Waste Bins
6. For Other Custom Products
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