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May 23, 2022

Coroplast Panels, Custom Color and Size

Coroplast panels also called Fluted PP board, Corriboard, danpla plastic sheet, PP hollow sheet, Twinplast, Coroplast, polyflute sheet, Core
May 17, 2022

Features of material coroplast sheets

Features of material coroplast sheets The special structure of the material coroplast board has good mechanical properties, which
May 17, 2022

How To Select High-quality Cor Plast Boards?

Cor plast sheet(also known as correx/corflute/coroplast board)is a plastic board with an extruded hollow structure. The raw material
May 17, 2022

The Structural Characteristics Of Coro Plastic Sheet

Nowadays, coro plastic boards(also known as correx/corflute/coroplast /pp hollow sheets) can be seen in many fields in the
May 16, 2022

What are features of coroplast boards?

Coroplast boards(also known as correx/corflute/corrugated plastic sheets, pp hollow sheets, cartonplast) are very popular in various industries due
May 11, 2022

7 Features of Coroplast Sheets

The coroplast sheets(also known as plastic hollow board, correx/corflute /corrugated plastic sheet) are extruded from polypropylene raw materials
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May 10, 2022

What is coroplast plastic sheet?

The raw material of the coroplast plastic board(also known as corflute/correx/pp hollow sheet) is Polypropylene, which is non-toxic
May 9, 2022

Custom Fire Retardant Correx Sheet, V2 Grade

Fire retardant correx, also known as flame retardant correx/coroplast/corflute/corrugated plastic /pp hollow sheet, is a corrugated hollow board
May 4, 2022

Advantages of coroplast corrugated plastic box

As a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable coroplast box(also known as correx box, corflute box, pp corrugated
May 2, 2022

What is danpla sheet?

The danpla sheet(also known as the corrugated plastic board, coroplast sheet, correx board, corflute panel, pp hollow sheet,