Three frequently asked questions about impra board


Impra board is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is more durable than cardboard and lighter than a solid board. Impraboard is also stain and water-resistant. This is a polypropylene hollow board used in many industries. People also call them corex boards, infraboards, coroplast sheets, correx sheets, PP fluted boards, etc. Also, the cheapest correx boards are great materials for printing with specific inks.

Three frequently asked questions about impra board

Q1: Is it possible to print on the polypropylene hollow board?

A: Absolutely! The surface of the cheapest correx boards is smooth and easy to print. Specially treated corex boards have very strong ink adhesion and are often used outdoors. Huiyuan offers tri-color printing, screen printing, and digital printing. Printed polypropylene hollow board is often used in advertising boards, road signs, signage, hazard warning signs, shopping mall promotional signs, election signs, and more.

Q2: Are the cheapest correx boards recyclable?

A: Yes, standard corex boards are 100% recyclable in most cases. We encourage the recycling of polypropylene corrugated sheets. Due to the durability of coroplast sheets, they can often be reused. If the product is no longer usable, we recommend removing any non-polypropylene fittings and recycling them where applicable. Polypropylene is coded 5 by the Plastics Industry Association. Some common uses for recycled corrugated plastic include car battery boxes, signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, ice scrapers, oil funnels, bike racks, rakes, litter boxes, trays, films, and trays.

Q3: Is it possible to glue two corex boards together?

A: Polypropylene is chemically resistant and therefore versatile; unfortunately, the same properties make it difficult to bond with chemical adhesives. However, Huiyuan can be firmly bonded using specially developed adhesives. We also have advanced ultrasonic welding technology and seamless welding technology to make these products structurally bonded to polypropylene. These thick sheets, which require two or more corflute sheets to be glued together, are often used in industrial applications. Heat welding with the right tool is an excellent way to bond two polypropylene corrugated sheets.

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