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These correx euro stacking pick bins can not only be used independently but also they can be used within a shelf or stacked as a shelf wall. This provides a solution for your business to manage seasonal fluctuations (such as extra Christmas inventory) and peak product demand.

Instead of using molded plastic pick boxes, picking boxes for warehouse can provide the exact size and shape you need. Designed and manufactured by Huiyuan, ensuring they fit perfectly into the product to be stored or your available warehouse or storage space. All coroplast bins can also be screen printed for identification, branding, instruction, or warning purposes to further improve the efficiency of anyone picking an order.

Advantages of Stackable corrugated plastic picking bins

  • Cost-effective
  • Colorful and fully customizable.
  • The smooth surface makes them easy to clean
  • Rugged construction and is very lightweight.
  • Stackable design, secure snap-on, very firm.
  • Polypropylene material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific requirements
  • Dividers can be customized internally to segment product content.
  • The foldable design enables our correx euro stacking pick bins to be exported to various countries.
  • 100% recyclable. Picking bins that have lost their use value can be reprocessed into other plastic parts.

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Various designs of picking boxes for warehouse to meet different needs

Huiyuan offers you a wide range of container accessories, such as small parts magazines or pallet trucks. Of course, the durable coroplast bins can also be combined with various other product ranges. Stackable corrugated plastic picking bins are also available with antistatic and flame retardant functions upon request.

  • In the clothing industry, clothing is flammable. Merchants often choose flame retardant correx euro stacking pick bins.
  • Electronic products or high-precision products are generally stored in antistatic picking boxes for warehouse.
  • To make it easier for people to find items, you can put a label on the front of the correx pick bins. When the product information changes, you can easily change the label content.
  • Correx euro stacking pick bins can store different colors or sizes of the same item at the same time.  For example, for the socks of the same brand, you can put men’s socks and women’s socks in one pick box, with men’s socks on the left and women’s socks on the right.
  • Customized sizes of picking boxes for warehouse make it easier to match the appropriate shelf.
  • Different colors of coroplast bins can distinguish different kinds of goods.

About correx pick bins manufacturer –Huiyuan

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Company has a complete quality management system, all our products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and its market share is increasing year by year. We regard credibility first, quality first, mutual benefit, and common development as the basis for our cooperation with customers. We have always tried our best to provide each customer with high-quality corrugated plastic products with reasonable prices and professional service.

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