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01 PP Hollow Sheets

Huiyuan PP Hollow Sheets are very widely used for packing, printing, construction, decoration, etc. For now, we have already exported our PP Hollow Sheets all over the world to more than 80 countries mainly including the USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, India, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Korea, UK, etc. Got very good reputation from our clients.

PP hollow sheets are a new type of eco-friendly packaging material made of high-quality polypropylene. It has the advantages of being lightweight, strong load-bearing, corrosion resistance, waterproof, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant resistance, and easy cutting. Due to the versatility and low cost of this sheet, it is very popular in all walks of life.

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PP Hollow Sheets Products:

1. Corrugated Plastic Signs
2. Correx Floor Protection

3. Plastic Layer Pads/Tier Sheets

4. Corrugated Plastic Boxes

5. Plastic Tree Gaurds

Main Applications of PP Hollow Sheet

  • Agriculture: all kinds of boxes of fruit, vegetable crates, pesticide containers, beverage containers, food packaging.
  • The electrical industry: refrigerator, washing machine back, bulkhead.
  • Bags handbags pallet: liner bags, luggage plate, clapboard.
  • Bottle industry: plate glass factory, bottle holder, canned product separator, can care, plate.
  • The advertising industry: PP hollow boards display boxes, display, billboards, Corona board.
  • The automotive industry: steering wheel plate, rear separator plate.
  • Mechanical industries: machine cushion plate.
  • The turnover of industrial products packaging: Electronic Component packaging crates, plastic pieces turnover box, knife cards separator tank, anti-static turnover me the hollow plate, conductive hollow board turnover me; turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.

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