Advantages and Applications of White Correx Sheets


White correx sheets are widely recognized by all walks of life due to their rich advantages and wide range of uses. It is made of non-toxic PP polypropylene. As long as the raw materials are of sufficient quality, the use-value of the board will be higher. So what are the advantages and applications of white correx sheets?

1. Advantages of white correx boards

  • The demand for white corflute sheets is the largest because the raw material is simple and the cost is very low.
  • It can print patterns of various colors easily because its surface is very smooth. It is a versatile board.
  • In addition to ordinary white correx sheets, one can also process them into fireproof coroplast corrugated plastic sheets.
  • It is not only very eco-friendly but also very cheap, people can recycle and reuse it to save resources.
  • The white correx sheet is also waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant, and can adapt to various environments.
  • It has an anti-ultraviolet function, especially suitable for outdoor use.
    white correx sheets

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3. The applications of white correx sheets

  • Hardware industry – The parts of the hardware industry are generally irregular, especially difficult to package. People can customize the white correx sheets into the packaging box with dividers according to the shape of the hardware product. This way, there is no friction or collision between products.
  • Express industry – it can also be processed into turnover boxes, insulation boxes, which are more environmentally friendly and economical than disposable cartons.
  • Agriculture – For some seedlings, protection measures – correx tree guards are required to thrive. Growers usually choose white corflute sheets to surround the fragile seedlings to prevent sandstorms, birds, and beasts.
  • Advertising industry – white corflute board is especially suitable for making coroplast signs, propaganda boards, and road signs.
  • Food industry – In the food industry, people usually choose a white coroplast board as a layer pad, which can more easily detect food leakage, so it is more hygienic.
  • Decoration industry – During the decoration process, people often choose white correx boards as floor protection. Its role is to protect doors, windows and floors from damage and contamination.

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white correx sheets

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