Why are blank corrugated plastic signs the most popular?


Blank corrugated plastic signs are everywhere. They are made from the very popular eco-friendly material polypropylene and are the perfect material to withstand all kinds of harsh weather. corrugated plastic signs blank will not rust, break, or chip and is the material of choice in the advertising field.

Advantages of blank corrugated plastic signs

1. Lightweight

Compared with other material advertising boards, blank coroplast yard signs are very light and very convenient to move. You don’t need a muscular employee to do the job. You also don’t need bulky equipment to move the sign around.

2. Long service life

Its outdoor service life is two years. It does not fade from sun exposure. Row material is waterproof. This makes them ideal for inclement weather. Using corrugated plastic signs blank will provide you and your business with years of use.

3. Low cost

Blank corrugated plastic signs are widely used and demand is large, so the cost is much lower than other color pp corrugated signs. Consultation with a trained sign professional, such as those at Huiyuan Plastics, can lead you to the perfect, affordable sign.

4. Easy to install and dismantle

As a temporary promotional board, after an event or the day, you just need to remove the sign or fold it for storage. People can use the blank coroplast yard signs indoors or outdoors. This makes them ideal for companies looking to expand their advertising and promotional spending.

5. Easy maintenance

Many signs rely on regular maintenance and repairs. Some require repainting or touch-ups. Some may require dent removal. You can avoid these problems by using blank corrugated plastic signs. The material does not require any painting or refinishing. This saves labor, material, and maintenance costs.

6. Fully customizable

Some customers prefer custom corrugated plastic signs. We may print brand logos, contact information, special fonts, and/or other appropriate data on the board to increase brand awareness. Each customer’s information is unique.

7. Multiple Uses

Many businesses and individuals can benefit from using these signs. These include construction sites, shopping malls, political candidates, parking lots, gyms, real estate companies, bars, and more. In any commercial location, you can safely use the type of plastic corrugated sign.

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Specific application fields of blank corrugated plastic yard signs

  1. Coroplast Printing signs can also be used as street direction signs to guide passers-by.
  2. In addition to printing the store name or logo, the blank corflute sign board can also install lights inside to remind people to pay attention to the store.
  3. The white pp corrugated sign can be used in large supermarkets or shopping malls so that people can know the content of product promotion activities here.
  4. It can also be used as a promotion for real estate home sales content.
  5. It can be used as a reminder on the construction site to prevent the occurrence of danger.
  6. We can customize more specific applications according to the specific requirements of users.

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