Corrugated Plastic Pet Carrier

01 Corrugated Plastic Pet Carrier


Corrugated Plastic Pet Carrier Box is formed by the corrugated polypropylene board(also known as PP hollow board, polyflute board, correx/coroplast/corflute sheet, PP wantong board,PP flute board,PP double wall board, etc).

Plastic Pet Carrier Box is a light weight (hollow structure),non-toxic,non-polluting,anti-aging, anti-corrosion,high-temperature resistance,rich color box of the new green environmental protection products.
We can customize all kinds of corrugated pp bin, including design, color, size, printing, loading capacity, etc.

    02 Hot Sale PP Pet Carriers

    Corrugated Plastic Pet Carriers are specially designed for pets to carry or transport, they are made of high quality corrugated plastic sheets and are made of pure polypropylene resin. Our pp corrugated pet carriers are waterproof, lightweight, durable and very portable to use, and the unique foldable construction saves a lot of storage space when not in use.

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