Corrugated Plastic Sheets

01 Correx/Corflute/Coroplast Sheets

Corrugated plastic board/sheet/panel is an extruded plastic sheet with hollow structure, made of eco-friendly polypropylene. It's known as correx sheet, pp hollow sheet, coroplast sheet, corflute sheet, cartonplast, polyflute, fluteboard, infraboard, impraboard, polionda, Twinplast, Corriflute, corriboard, Akylux danpla, etc.

Characteristics of coroplast sheets: waterproof, lightweight, recyclable, reusable, rich colors, impact-resistant, durable, etc.
Can be customized with special functions: ESD/Anti-static, conductive, fire rated/fireproof, corona treated, UV-resistant, etc.

    02 Main Corrugated Polypropylene Boards

    03 Main Applications of Correx Sheets

    Main corrugated polypropylene products(Made of correx sheets): 1. Coroplast signs. 2. Correx floor protection sheets 3. Coroplast boxes. 4. Plastic layer pads 5. Corflute tree guards 6. Delat traps 7. Leaf and lawn chutes 8. Plastic wardrobe boxes 9. Other customized pp corrugated products

    corrugated plastic panels/coroplast sheets

    Corrugated plastic sheets

    1. What is corrugated plastic sheet? Corrugated plastic sheets are also called corrugated polypropylene sheets, coroplast sheets/boards/panels, correx sheets, corflute ...
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    Correx floor protection for sale

    On the construction site, we all know that the whole process of house decoration and building decoration is very long ...
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    corflute tree guard

    Plastic Corflute Tree guards

    The low survival rate of seedlings hurts farmers’ heads, and protection of seedlings is anxious, so the corrugated plastic tree ...
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    corrugated plastic boxes for sale

    Corrugated Plastic Boxes For Sale

    The corrugated plastic box is a new type of turnover box in the logistics packaging industry, many people also call ...
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    corrugated yard signs/coroplast sign

    Huiyuan coroplast signs for sale

    1. Brief introduction of Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in ...
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    corrugated plastic layer pads for sale

    Correx Plastic Layer Pads

    1. What is corrugated plastic layer pad? Professional manufacturer Huiyuan will tell you. Corrugated plastic layer pad is a kind ...
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    04 Blogs About Pp Corrugated Sheets


    Fluteboard Products

    Fluteboard PP fluteboard is an extruded plastic sheet with hollow structure, also known as corrugated plastic board, correx/coroplast/corflute sheet,fluted polypropylene ...
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    PP hollow sheets/products

    01 PP Hollow Sheets Huiyuan PP Hollow Sheets are very widely used for packing, printing, construction, decoration, etc. For now, ...
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    Correx sheets/products

    Correx Sheets Correx sheets are also known as PP hollow boards, corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast panels, and so on. Correx ...
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    How to distinguish true and false ESD corrugated plastic sheet?

    ESD corrugated plastic sheet is a kind of correx/coroplast/corflute sheet that offer special properties that help keep sensitive electronics from ...
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    corrugated plastic sheets

    How to ensure the quality of fluted polypropylene sheet?

    Fluted polypropylene sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with a long service life, which is 10-60 ...
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    Advantages of fluted plastic board

    Fluted plastic board is also known as fluted polypropylene sheet, corrugated fluted plastic sheet, fluteboard,corflute sheets, correx sheets, pp hollow ...
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    Wide range of uses of black corrugated plastic sheets

    The black corrugated plastic sheets are the most widely used ones in the market. They are made of non-toxic and ...
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    blank corrugated plastic signs

    Why are blank corrugated plastic signs the most popular?

    Blank corrugated plastic signs are everywhere. They are made from the very popular eco-friendly material polypropylene and are the perfect ...
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    white correx sheets

    Advantages and Applications of White Correx Sheets

    White correx sheets are widely recognized by all walks of life due to their rich advantages and wide range of ...
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    correx boards

    What are there correx board sizes?

    Correx board sizes are a very important factor when you are considering buying correx sheets for packaging products or other ...
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    pp hollow sheet

    Why is pp hollow sheet becoming more and more popular in the global market?

    1. Introduction of the pp hollow sheet PP hollow sheet  is an odorless and environmentally friendly sheet made of non-toxic ...
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    pp flute board

    The use fields of pp flute board

    The pp flute board is also called pp corrugated plastic sheet, hollow plastic sheet and coroplast sheet, etc. It is ...
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    black correx sheet

    Why is the black correx sheet so popular?

    The black correx sheet is the best-selling one on the market. It has very rich functions and can be made ...
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    Corflute sheets/products

    Corflute Sheets/Boards/Panels Corflute Sheets are corrugated polypropylene sheets that are suitable for signage, packaging, display, surface protection, tree guard, plastic ...
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    Coroplast sheets/products

    Coroplast sheets(also known as corrugated polypropylene sheets, impraboard, correx boards, corflute sheets, plastic hollow boards, cartonplast, fluteboard, plastic cardboard, plastic ...
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    Corrugated plastic sheets/products

    Corrugated plastic sheets(also known as pp hollow boards, coroplast boards, correx panels, corflute boards, pp hollow boards, cartonplast, corriboard, pp ...
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    correx sheeting

    What are the processing procedures for correx sheeting?

    Correx sheeting, also known as correx panel, corflute sheet, coroplast sheet, corrugated polypropylene sheet, pp hollow board, is a joint ...
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    How to buy high-quality correx plastic sheets?

    There are many correx plastic sheet manufacturers and intermediaries all over the world, but the quality of their products varies ...
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    correx material

    What is correx material?

    The pp correx material is also called pp corrugated plastic sheet, double-wall sheet, danpla sheet, polyflute sheet and coroplast sheet, ...
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    What are fire rated correx sheets?

    correx1. What is the fire rated correx sheet? Fire rated correx sheet, as the name implies, is a correx sheet ...
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