Why is the black correx sheet so popular?


The black correx sheet is the best-selling one on the market. It has very rich functions and can be made into the most commonly used ordinary sheets or anti-static black correx boards. In addition, we can also customize the correx board of other colors, the thickness range is 2mm-12mm.

Correx sheet, also known as pp corrugated plastic sheet, coroplast panel and correx board, is an economical substitute for corrugated cardboard. This correx sheet is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene, which is more durable than cardboard. So what’s so unique about black correx sheet?

Advantages of black correx sheet

  • We can custom black correx into anti-static correx board by adding anti-static particles. Correx panels of other colors cannot achieve anti-static effect, because the anti-static particles are black.
  • Its weight is very light, but the quality is very strong
  • Because it is black, it is more resistant to dirt than other colors.
  • The black correx sheets has the same functions as waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant as other corrugated plastic sheets.
  • Because the black correx board is a regular color, it is more economical in price than other customized color boards. There are 4 regular colors: black, white, gray, blue.
    black correx sheet

Wide range of uses of black correx sheet

1. For corrugated plastic layer pads

The black correx panel can be directly used for the layer pads and the partition boards. The most common is for the storage and transportation of bottled or canned products.

2. For correx boxes

General people always use black correx sheets to make the logistics turnover boxes and packaging boxes. Because the black plate is more resistant to dirt, it can also be made into an ESD corrugated plastic box. Therefore, for the electronics industry, black anti-static correx crates are more suitable for packaging their products and improve the qualification rate of products.

3. For correx floor protection

Black correx boards are often used in the decoration and construction industry to prevent paint and oil stains from splashing on the ground and walls. Usually the thickness of the correx floor protection is 2mm, and the 2mm black correx floor protection is the most economical. We can make correx floor protection into boards or rolls. The regular size of correx floor protection board is 1.22mx2.44m. The regular size of the correx floor protection roll is 1mx50m.

black correx sheet

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