Applications and advantages of correx protection sheets


1. Introduction of correx protection sheets

With the advent of correx protection sheet, it has become the preferred product protection board for many industries. Correx protection sheets are a tough, durable and impact resistant protective panel available in a variety of different options to meet specific project requirements. It successfully solves the problems of dirty floors and broken products. The correx protection is not only a very simple solution for protecting floors, walls, windows during decoration, renovation, construction projects, but also the best protection tool for saplings against pests and collisions for valuable products. Therefore, correx protection sheets have always been favored by various industries.

2. The specific applications of correx protection sheets

  1. During the construction of large buildings, some heavy equipment will inevitably collide with the wall. The correx protection can successfully prevent the damage of the large equipment to the wall and prevent the wall from scratching.
  2. In daily home decoration, correx floor protection can effectively isolate the paint, oil splashes on the floor, Hard-to-clean stains on walls and windows.
  3. The correx protection sheets can be used with EVA foam for the moving industry. In order to protect customers’ electrical appliances such as TV sets, refrigerators, and air conditioners, the moving company will use correx protection sheets to package the products.
  4. In today’s emphasis on green environmental protection, urban greening is also an important part of the country. So as to allow the saplings to grow vigorously, people will use hollow boards to make corflute tree protection to prevent the erosion of insect pests.
  5. Of course, for some fruit farmers, healthy and huge fruit is their greatest wealth. Therefore, planters will also use the corflute tree protection in the vegetable and fruit planting industry.
  6. In the auto repair industry, the correx protection sheet is often used under the car base so that the maintenance workers lying directly on the sheet and create a clean and comfortable working environment for the operators.
    correx protection sheets

3. Advantages of correx protection sheets

  1. The correx protection sheet is made of non-toxic and harmless PP polypropylene, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  2. The hollow protection board is as light and flexible as the carton board, which is especially convenient for dismantling and moving.
  3. The correx protection is easy to install and remove; easy to cut/bend/scoring.
  4. In order to avoid fire, the flame retardant fire rating can be customized and processed, which is suitable for scenarios that require better fire performance.
  5. It is easy to print. It not only can print construction site hazard warnings so that people know the dangerous, but also can print company brand LOGO.
  6. The correx protection sheet has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and chemical corrosion resistance so that can better protect the wall, floor or home.
  7. For some outdoor building decoration, the anti-ultraviolet floor protection board will last longer.
  8. Correx floor protection is as strong and durable as solid rigid plastic, but cheaper because it is hollow.
  9. Compared with the metal protection board, the correx protection board will not rust.
  10. In addition to the above advantages, correx protection sheets are available in various thicknesses, sizes, weights, colors and grades for selection or customization.
    correx protection sheets

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