The use fields of pp flute board


The pp flute board is also called pp corrugated plastic sheet, hollow plastic sheet and coroplast sheet, etc. It is a kind of multifunctional sheet. This material is polypropylene. It has the characteristics of light weight and stable molecular structure. Therefore, people can make the most of it. To ensure the integrity and functionality of the sheet. Due to the wide range of applications of pp flute board, the demand for pp flute sheet in all walks of life is also increasing. So let’s take a look at the fields of use of pp flute board.

1. The pp flute board can be used in the packaging industry

PP flute sheet can be made into very popular corrugated plastic containers, which can be used in a variety of industries to package a wide variety of products. Our most commonly used hollow board boxes are used to package fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other daily necessities.

2. The pp flute sheet can be used in the field of tree protection

The low survival rate of seedlings hurts farmers’ heads, and protection of seedlings is anxious, so the corflute tree guard made of fluted plastic panels was born, It is also known as corflute tree protector, correx tree guard/coroplast tree protector/pp tree guards, etc. Our pp tree guards are usually used with wood sticks inserted into the soil and near the young trees to protect them from sunshine, wind, and bad weather.

3. fluted plastic panels are used in pet industry

The pp flute board could be used for the pet enclosures. There is no need to purchase enclosures for your pets when you can make one with your own hands by spending less. These panels are simple to clean, and they do not require maintenance so you can use them for pet enclosures. The fluted pp sheet also can be made into corrugated plastic pet carriers for you to carry the pets from one place to another place.

corrugated plastic pet crates

4. The pp flute board can be used in the logistics industry

In order to save paper resources and protect the environment, more and more logistics companies choose express boxes made of pp flute boards, thereby reducing packaging costs. The box made of pp flute sheet can be repeated for more than 60 times, which is very economical and environmentally friendly compared to disposable cartons.

5. PP flute board can be used for humanitarian Relief

Earthquakes, floods and other disasters require these grooved plastic panels to make temporary shelters. its a good choice. These panels are quite easy to handle. You can easily fix them into wooden frames. These panels have insulation properties, which makes them stand out from the rest. Not just that, they are quick shelter solutions as contrasted to the typical materials.

6. Fluted pp sheet can be used in the advertising industry

The pp flute boards are readily available in diverse shades. For that reason, you can also make use of them when it comes to signage. You can print anything on these panels and can use them for any signage purposes. The best printing method for these panels is UV printing.

corrugated plastic signs

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