What is correx material?


The pp correx material is also called pp corrugated plastic sheet, double-wall sheet, danpla sheet, polyflute sheet and coroplast sheet, etc. This material is a kind of multifunctional sheet made of polypropylene. It has the characteristics of lightweight and stable molecular structure. It can be used to the greatest extent. To ensure the integrity and functionality of the sheet. Due to the wide range of applications of correx sheets, the demand for pp correx sheets in all walks of life is also increasing. 

First, we must understand the advantages of the correx sheets

(1) Made of non-toxic and tasteless PP polypropylene, which has no harm to the environment and the products used.
(2) The material of the correx sheet is very light and handy, which is convenient for customers to transport and move.
(3) The correx material is very durable, it has the characteristics of impact resistance and abrasion resistance, but it can be used repeatedly for 5 years or more.
(4) The corolast sheet has anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and mildew-proof functions, and can be used repeatedly and recycled.
(5) The correx sheet also has the characteristics of bending resistance, aging resistance, stretchability and compression, so it has a wide range of applications. (6) The corflute sheet can be customized in various colors, shapes and sizes.
(7) The polyflute panel can be antistatic, flame retardant and UV resistant by adding auxiliary materials.
grey correx sheet

Secondly, we must understand the applications of correx sheet

(1) Express delivery industry:

In order to save paper resources and protect the environment, more and more logistics companies choose express boxes made of correx sheets, thereby reducing packaging costs.

(2) Fruit and vegetable industry:

Vegetable and fruit boxes made of correx boards have a good preservation effect on the products.

(3) Advertising industry:

The correx material has a smooth surface, rich colors and flexible cutting, which is especially popular in the advertising industry.

(4) Hardware industry:

The correx sheet can be designed as a box with dividers, which is very suitable for storing hardware products of different sizes.

(5) Electronics industry:

PP coroplast sheets with antistatic particles can increase the pass rate of electronic products, so corrugated plastic products can be seen everywhere in the electronics industry.

(6) Decoration:

The coroplast sheet can be used as a protective board for the ground and wall to prevent the ground or wall from being soiled or damaged.

(7) Pharmaceutical industry:

The hygienic requirements of the correx boards fully comply with the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

(8) Pet industry:

The correx sheet can be made into a pet house, which is very breathable and refreshing.

(9) Agricultural protection:

Can be used as sapling protection panels, with powerful functions and many benefits.

(10) Catering industry:

Correx panels can be used as canned or glass bottled food layer pads, effectively avoiding collision and friction between products.

Finally, we need to understand the reference index of the correx sheet:

(1) The thickness and weight standard of the correx material

2 mm-gram weight range 300g-600g gram weight tolerance + – 15 (mostly used for floor protection, sapling protection, separators)
3 mm-gram weight range 450g-1000g gram weight tolerance + -20 (used for advertising boards, packaging, layer pads)
4 mm-gram weight range 650g-1200g gram weight tolerance + -20 (used for advertising boards, packaging, layer pads)
5 mm-gram weight range 850g-1500g weight tolerance + -25 (used for boxes, advertising boards)
6 mm-gram weight range 1200g-1800g gram weight tolerance+ -30
8 mm-gram weight range 1800g-2000g weight tolerance + -50
6-10 mm correx sheet is used in construction

(2) The grade of the fireproof correx sheet

V0 flame-retardant correx sheet is also the highest-level flame-retardant correx sheet. The flame is extinguished within 30 seconds, and there can be no hollow plate burning material falling.
V1 flame-retardant correx sheet. The flame is extinguished within 60 seconds, and there can be no burning material falling from the correx sheet.
V2 flame-retardant correx sheet, the flame goes out within 60 seconds. There can be correx sheet burning material falling.

(3) The surface resistance of the anti-static correx sheet is 10^6-10^9 Ω
(4) The surface resistance of the conductive correx sheet is 10^3-10^6 Ω

Our correx sheets of different specifications have corresponding certificates. While understanding these parameters, we also need the manufacturers to provide corresponding certificates.
flame-retardant report flame-retardant report

Through the above content, if you want to buy suitable correx material, you need to know the purpose, so that our sales staff will recommend you the appropriate specifications. As long as we use it in the correct way, we can get the effect we want. The effect of correx sheets in practical application is indeed very good, and it has been praised by customers for many years. Huiyuan Plastics can design according to the samples and drawings provided by customers, and you are welcome to consult!
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