What are the benefits of using correx dividers?


1. What are correx dividers?

Correx dividers are custom die-cut corrugated plastic sheets used to separate some products(such as auto parts, Medicines, cosmetics, glasses, etc) during transportation and storage. Correx dividers also can be called corrugated plastic dividers, coroplast dividers, corflute dividers, polyflute dividers, etc. The biggest advantage of corrugated plastic dividers is that they can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

2. What are the benefits of using corrugated plastic dividers?

(1) In the process of product transportation, the collision and friction between products are minimized.

(2) When the products are stored, prevent collision and friction between the products.

(3) Putting the same type of products together is conducive to the management and storage of the products.

(4) Putting the same series of products together will help improve work efficiency.

(5) It is also possible to identify parts more quickly and visually check low stocks.
correx-dividers, corrugated pp dividers

3. The advantages of correx dividers:

(1) Corrugated pp dividers are more wear-resistant. People can reuse it, which solves the trouble of repeated purchases.

(2) Its stability and pressure resistance are very high. The correx dividers can safely store fragile products, or they can be used for logistics transportation together with boxes.

(3) The correx dividers are anti-vibration. During transportation,  greatly reduce the damage rate of the product.

(4) It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. When in use, corrugated plastic dividers can effectively isolate the external air, avoid the corrosion of the board and the product.

(5) It can also be customized into anti-UV, flame-retardant, anti-static corrugated plastic dividers according to customer requirements.

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