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On the construction site, we all know that the whole process of house decoration and building decoration is very long. It cannot be completed in one or two days, and there are many links involved. In the process of decoration and construction, the decoration workers will keep coming in and out, and they will also carry some cement slurry or paint, and some sharp or heavy construction tools. If floor protection measures are not taken, this will cause great damage to the ground. It will stain the ground and be difficult to clean or even scratch. At this time, floor protection is extremely important.
black correx floor protection

Next, I will introduce a kind of floor protection that is very protective and economical-hollow board floor protection.


The correx floor protection board is made of PP polypropylene extrusion molding, a green material, and can be made into coils or flat panels. The thickness of the commonly used board is 2mm-3mm, the commonly used size is 1m*2mm, 1.2*2.4m. The standard size of correx floor protection roll is 1m*50m.

The correx floor protection board is usually used in building construction, room decoration, moving wall protection, logistics vehicle backing board, and the joint between the boards can be connected by tape. It is simple to operate and easy to use. It is a very mature product, suitable for surface impact protection.

Advantages of Huiyuan hollow board floor protection board:

(1)Waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof and chemical-proof, strong and durable. When workers paint the walls, the floor protection board can be laid on the ground, which effectively prevents the paint from falling on the ground, which is difficult to clean. Cardboard cannot achieve this effect, and it is easy to break when exposed to water, causing pollution by itself.

(2)The ground protection board is used as wall protection, which can effectively prevent the wall from bumping and destroying the wall during the moving process.

(3)The bottom protection board is very flexible and easy to bend. It can be directly applied to most of the ground and is easy to lay.

(4)The floor protection board is convenient to cut and can be cut according to the needs of the customer on-site.

(5)Various colors can be customized, and the floor protection board can also be made into a flame-retardant and anti-static board.

(6)Environmental protection can be recycled and reused.

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