What are the processing procedures for correx sheeting?


Correx sheeting, also known as correx panel, corflute sheet, coroplast sheet, corrugated polypropylene sheet, pp hollow board, is a joint plastic sheet of polypropylene and other functional agents. Its overall compression resistance, ductility, and plasticity are very strong, and its integrity can be guaranteed to the greatest extent during use. Brings a super-strong use effect.

The high-quality correx sheeting has a very long service life. It can be used continuously for 2 to 5 years and is very cost-effective. So how is such an excellent board processed? In fact, the processing of the hollow board is divided into many steps. First, the finished pp hollow board must be designed in detail according to the customer’s field of use, and continue to be produced according to the design drawings.

The correx panel production process will go through the process of selecting materials, adding raw materials to the machine, heating, qualitative, cooling, forming, and testing. Each process has strict requirements on the techniques of the workshop staff. Only finished hollow boards that meet the relevant values can flow into the sales department to serve customers.
correx sheeting

Secondly, the processing of correx sheeting will be produced according to the preferences of various regions. For example, some areas like to use thick hollow boards, while some areas like to use light and flexible boards.

In some fields, the anti-pressure and anti-static ability of the correx sheet are very high, while in some fields, the anti-ultraviolet ability of the hollow board is more important.

In fact, the processing and production of correx panel require a certain process, but because many customers lack relevant professional knowledge, they often buy low-quality boards for one or other reasons, so I would like to remind my friends if you need to buy hollow board products, Be sure to go to the regular correx sheeting manufacturer to buy. If you have any questions, welcome to consult!

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