How to buy high-quality correx plastic sheets?


There are many correx plastic sheet manufacturers and intermediaries all over the world, but the quality of their products varies. If you want to buy cost-effective correx plastic sheets, you need to consider many factors. What are these factors?

1. First of all, we must consider several correx manufacturers with very good price/performance ratios.

Only reliable manufacturers can we easily buy qualified products. So how to judge whether a manufacturer is reliable?
(1) See if the salesperson you are communicating with is professional
(2) If there are offices or friends in the area of the correx manufacturer, it is best to ask them to help inspect the factory. Or inspect the factory yourself. If you can’t audit the factory, continue to the next one.
(3) Let the sales specialists take videos of the company and workshops.
(4) Ask the salesperson for relevant correx plastic sheet certificates and company certificates.
(5) Before placing an order, it is best to check whether the sample meets the requirements. Our factory can provide free samples, but the customer needs to pay the shipping cost. Once the customer places an order, we will return the shipping cost of the sample.

2. Secondly, we will comprehensively compare the prices and products of various correx plastic manufacturers

(1) Please note that we should not compare prices ignorantly, and cannot over-pursue the lowest price, as the quality of the product is not very guaranteed. As long as the price is within a reasonable range, we are going to compare samples from several companies.

(2)After confirming the reasonable price, the next step is to compare the samples provided.

  •  Observe the surface of the corrugated plastic boards

First, look at the luster and brightness of the hollow board surface, see if the color of the hollow board is bright, see if the cross-section of the hollow board is fine enough, and see if there are pitting, spots, moths, decay, or rough production on the surface of the hollow board.
bulk correx-plastic-sheets

  •  Pinch the correx plastic board by hand

Then pinch the hollow board by hand. If the hollow board is of poor quality, it will be easily dented as long as the edge of the hollow board is slightly pinched by hand.

  • Measure the weight of the correx plastic sheets

To measure the weight of the hollow board, the weight must be within a reasonable tolerance range. Different thickness boards have different weight tolerance ranges. This needs to be asked by the sales specialist.

3. The video of Huiyuan correx plastic sheets

4. Related correx plastic sheets

Therefore, when you bulk correx plastic sheets, you need to take all these factors into considerations to contact a professional correx manufacturer
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