How to choose the right correx boxes?


Boxes made of corrugated plastic sheets are called correx boxes. Correx boxes not only have many functions but also have a wide range of applications. Their specifications are also diverse and can be customized. So what specifications are more suitable for use? Here are some factors you need to consider:

1. Influencing factors of the thickness and density of the correx box

(1) The weight of the product determines the thickness and density of the box
For heavy objects, the load-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance requirements of the box will be particularly high. The load-bearing capacity and wear resistance of the box depending on the thickness and density of the hollow board. With the same thickness, the greater the density, the stronger the box. The higher the thickness of the board, the greater the density range of the board.
(2) Whether the boxes need to be stacked and the number of layers stacked
In the process of storing or transporting products with hollow boards, they may be stacked. If they are stacked, the boxes will bear more weight. Accordingly, the thickness and density of the boxes need to be adjusted according to the weight of the stack.
correx boxes

2. The quantity and volume of the product determine the size of the correx boxes

For general electronic products and other products such as bottled or canned products, there are many in one box. For such small products, the more the quantity, the larger the volume. The empty board box is also larger. For packaging, choose the hollow board box of the corresponding size, or according to the layout of the product, the factory can customize the ratio of length, width and height of the hollow board box.
For compressible products, such as cotton, balloons, etc., the size of the hollow board box can be selected according to the minimum volume of the product, and the size of the hollow board box can also be designed according to the minimum product compression. While saving materials, effectively reduces costs.

3. According to the special requirement of the product

Our factory will also consider various factors when making hollow board turnover boxes, and customers should place orders according to their scope of use and needs when purchasing correx boxes. If there is no box suitable for your own style on the market, you can ask our manufacturer to make a custom operation and make corresponding adjustments to the various specifications and sizes of the box. We can also customize fireproof boxes, UV-resistant boxes, anti-static boxes, etc. according to customer needs.

4. Hot sale plastic correx boxes

We produce various kinds of corrugated polypropylene boxes, we can customize color, size, sheet thickness, design and load capacity according to customers’ requirements.

In order to ensure the use effect of everyone and the final service life of the cabinet, customers should choose a reliable correx manufacturer to place an order. Welcome to consult Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd., and we will solve your problems with a professional and enthusiastic attitude!

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