Why is pp hollow sheet becoming more and more popular in the global market?


1. Introduction of the pp hollow sheet

PP hollow sheet  is an odorless and environmentally friendly sheet made of non-toxic polypropylene. Because of its recyclable and reusable characteristics, it is a sheet that we can see everywhere in our daily life and work. So what are the reasons that make pp hollow sheet more and more popular in the global market?

2. The application fields of pp hollow sheet
  • Food industry – In the food industry, fragile glass canned food is very difficult to transport. The pp hollow sheet can be directly used for the layer pad, which successfully prevents the collision between the products.
  • Household industry – Polypropylene hollow sheet home storage boxes and wardrobes solve the problem of reasonable arrangement of home space.
  • Express industry – This industry needs to frequently turn over different products. The characteristics of the pp hollow plastic sheet, such as durability, lightness and recycling, just meet the needs of the industry and gradually replace the traditional carton. So the pp logistics box came out.
  • Maternal and infant industry – the most common is the baby stroller, and the polypropylene hollow sheet is used as the back board, which is safe and light. Of course, some children’s toys often use hollow boards as accessories.
  • Medical industry – we often see hospitals use trays made of pp hollow plastic sheets to classify and place different medicines to facilitate dispensing of medicines to patients.
  • Hardware industry – Due to the irregular shape and size of hardware parts, people can use pp hollow sheets to customize hardware packaging boxes.
  • Other industries.
    pp hollow sheet

    3. Selection of different thicknesses of pp hollow sheets
  • polypropylene hollow sheets of different thicknesses have different uses. The general thickness is 2-12mm.
  • People usually use 2mm pp hollow plastic sheets to protect the ground. Due to the large amount of ground protection used, and the instructions play the role of temporary protection. Therefore, the 2mm board is the most economical.
  • When packing or loading and unloading light goods, people generally use 3mm pp hollow plastic sheets as partition pads.
  • People usually use 4mm and 5mm pp hollow plastic sheets for outdoor billboards and product packaging. This thickness is suitable for most products, so there will be more stock on the market.
  • The hardness of the 6mm polypropylene hollow sheet will be stronger. Generally, people use it to package and turn over heavy precision instruments, and the anti-collision effect will be better.
  • According to the characteristics of different products and the requirements of customers, the thickness can be customized, generally the maximum thickness can reach 12mm.
4. The advantages of the pp hollow sheet
  • The color of the hollow board is rich and bright, and the color you need can almost be satisfied in the market.
  • It has the characteristics of anti-aging and is more durable than ordinary boards, especially cardboard.
  • It is also resistant to corrosion and is a good material for chemical product packaging.
  • The internationally recognized advantage is its environmental protection function, the raw material is non-toxic polypropylene, which is not harmful to the environment
  • Therefore, the worn polypropylene hollow sheet can also be recycled and reused, reducing unnecessary waste of resources.
  • The compressive resistance of the hollow board is very good, and the pp hollow plastic sheet itself can bear about 60KG of gravity. If it is matched with other accessories, the bearing capacity can be stronger.
  • Its functions are also very rich, and the suitable hollow board can be selected according to the requirements of use. Such as: anti-static, flame retardant, anti-UV, conductive and other special properties of the sheet.
  • It is very light in weight, easy to carry, and greatly reduces manpower.
  • The pp hollow sheet has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof. In rainy and bad weather, it can protect the products in the box.
    pp hollow sheet
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