Advantages of fluted plastic board


Fluted plastic board is also known as fluted polypropylene sheet, corrugated fluted plastic sheet, fluteboard,corflute sheets, correx sheets, pp hollow board, polyflute, cartonplast, etc. It comprises three layers – two flat sheets with a ribbed center layer. In fact, they are really two layers, often referred to as twinwall plastic. Fluteboard are very popular in many aspects because of its many outstanding advantages.

So what are it’s advantages?

1. Environmental friendly

It is important to know that environmentally-friendly materials are more concerned all over the world. PP hollow sheet are non-toxic and non-polluting, and can be recycled and reused to make other plastic products.

2. Fluted plastic board is lightweight

Products made of hollow board plastic materials are very lightweight, easy to carry, and can be placed at will.

3. More cost-effective

The first is that the cost of corrugated plastic sheet is lower than other materials. It will greatly save a lot of costs during the process of purchasing raw materials to finished products.

4. Anti-static/ESD, conductive, fire rated correx

It is easy to make the polypropylene hollow board to be anti-static, conductive, or fire rated through modification, mixture, surface spraying and other methods.

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation

Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow sheet, its heat and sound transmission effects are much lower than those of solid sheet. It has good heat insulation and sound insulation effects.

6.Rich colors, smooth and beautiful

It’s special extruding process make it possible to become any color through the color master-batch. The surface is smooth and easy to print. When we used for signs, the pp flute board can be corona treated, which makes the sheets are easier to print, and the printing effect is good and long-lasting.
fluted plastic board

7. Customizable

Colors, size, thickness are customizable.
Color: Any color
Size: Width is less than 2600mm, length can be any you need.
Shape: Customized
Custom printing: Accept

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