What are PP corrugated plastic pet carriers?


As people’s pursuit of spiritual needs becomes higher and higher, keeping pets has become the choice of many families. Among all animal pets, dogs and cats are the most popular ones. In addition, hamsters and rabbits are also more widespread. Animal pets are related to pet housing issues. Under normal circumstances, families. Especially in cities, buy a fixed pet carrier, which is inconvenient to carry. Especially when a family wants to take their pets out together. Taking into account the market demand. The corrugated plastic pet carrier was born, adding a convenient service for families who love pets.

corrugated plastic pet carrier

1. Introduction of corrugated plastic pet carrier:

The corrugated pp pet carrier is portable, which is made of pp hollow boards. The style can be customized according to customer requirements. There are many names for plastic corrugated pet carrier. Usually people call it correx pet house, coroplast pet crate, cartonplast pet carrier,  polyflute pet house, etc. The corrugated pp pet carrier is lightweight, detachable, and easy to clean. It has gradually replaced the traditional wooden and metal pet houses, and is loved by many families.

2.  Advantages of PP corrugated plastic pet carrier:

(1) As a pet carrier with corrugated plastic sheet structure, it has the advantages of lightweight and easy portability. Through our factory’s professional research and development, we only provide a portable pet carrier for pet breeders to solve the problem of pet lovers inconvenient to bring their pets out.

(2) The correx pet carrier is very economical and cost-effective, because it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and its service cycle is particularly long. Compared with the traditional pet carrier, the coroplast pet carrier is particularly cost-effective.

(3) The corrugated polypropylene pet carrier is very sturdy. It is welded at the focus point by modern ultrasonic technology, which not only increases the bearing capacity, but also does not affect the appearance.

(4) It can be folded and detachable, which is very convenient for cleaning and storage.

(5) It can also customize a special pet house according to the pet’s attributes, and can print pet patterns on the box. If you are a pet house brand, we can not only design the style of the corrugated plastic pet carrier for you, but also print the LOGO on it.

(6) The correx pet carrier is non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food GMP standards. So pets will live in very comfortably.

(7) Waste pet carriers can also be recycled and reused, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also resource-saving.

(8) The colors of the correx pet carriers are bright, and the can be customized colors according to customer requirements.

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(1) Huiyuan Plastics is a modern enterprise specializing in the production, sales and service of corrugated plastic boxes, correx carriers, coroplast signs, correx sheets, etc.

(2) Huiyuan Plastics has specialized in researching and developing corrugated plastic products for more than 14 years and has rich experience in successful export.

(3) The company has a group of professional and technical personnel and skilled operators, with an annual production capacity of 2 million correx boxes.

(4) Many of the company’s products have been applied by many large enterprises at home and abroad and have obtained a number of utility model technologies, appearance patents, various domestic quality standard certifications and European ROHS quality environmental protection certifications.

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