Customize various corrugated plastic totes


1. What are corrugated plastic totes?

Corrugated plastic totes are light and durable alternative to the traditional corrugated paper totes, naturally waterproof and impact-resistant. corrugated plastic totes are trustworthy in all industries from distribution to agriculture. Our correx boxes combine the best load-bearing capacity, lightness, economy and reusability in one. All walks of life choose them.

PP correx totes

2.The advantages of the coroplast totes:

(1) The correx totes are very light so that people often use them to carry goods or store scattered small things.

(2) The corrugated pp totes are very strong, and their top box mouth are reinforced with steel rods, which provides extra strength for the corrugated plastic totes to handle heavy loads.

(3) People can stack the corrugated plastic totes of the same size together to save space. While providing convenience for human life, it does not take up too much storage space.

(4) Cutout handles on ends make them easy to carry, the edge of the incision is smooth and will not hurt the user’s hands.

(5) The corrugated pp totes are not disposable, people can recycle them, and if people properly maintain them, they can use them all the time! Because its material is corrosion-resistant.

(6) Our factory can also customize the PP correx totes in various colors and sizes according to the requirements of customers and can print various patterns and logos of the products.

(7) 100% recyclable, the corrugated coroplast totes are made of new material PP, which is non-toxic and harmless and can be recycled and reused.

3. The applications of the corrugated pp totes:

(1) These popular PP correx totes are very common in daily life. They are the best choice for file classification in mail centers, mailrooms, offices, etc. today.

(2) The correx totes are very suitable for the management, storage and transportation of small items. Usually used in industrial plants, automobile factories, post offices, warehouses, retail stores and distribution centers.

(3) The corrugated plastic totes can also be used to store socks, underwear and bras to make the room look tidier.

corrugated plastic totes

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