Classification Of Corflute Boxes


The corflute boxes are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. Its production process is simple and the production environment is very hygienic. Corflute boxes can effectively reduce the demand for wood and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the supply chain. This low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable box is deeply loved by all walks of life.

Video of some coreflute boxes:

So, according to different usage scenarios, what are the specific categories of corflute boxes?

1. Correx picking bins

It is mainly used in warehouses as a box for storing materials or parts. The correx picking bins can be used alone on a shelf, or several stacked flat and connected together with cable ties as a container, which is stable, neat, and beautiful. When the pick bin is not in use, it can be folded into a flat panel, which is very space-saving.

2. Corflute vegetable and fruit box

Corflute vegetable and fruit box is increasingly accepted by farmers and fruit wholesalers. It is waterproof and moisture resistant and can be recycled many times. It can prevent damage to vegetables and fruits during transportation and ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

3. Corrugated plastic mail totes

Lightweight but sturdy. Metal rebar rings are mounted on top of the tote to give extra strength to handle heavy loads. Similar-sized totes nest together to save storage space, and cutout handles at the ends make them easy to carry. These popular totes are the standard for mail handling and package routing in today’s mail centers, mailrooms, offices, and warehouses.

4. Coroplast storage boxes

Coroplast storage boxes can not only be used in the office, to store scattered office supplies but also at home, to store underwear or skincare products, etc. It is rich in colors and can be customized according to the decoration style of your home, which is both stylish and simple.

5. Coroplast shipping boxes

The biggest advantage of the coroplast shipping boxes as logistics turnover boxes is that they can be used repeatedly, which is 20-60 times that of ordinary cardboard boxes. And in the process of transportation, the safety of the transported goods can be guaranteed. Because of its impact resistance and wear resistance, it has a very long life.

6. Corflute boxes for packaging

When choosing packaging materials, companies should first consider their bearing capacity, secondly whether they are waterproof and moisture-proof, and finally how cost-effective it is. Only by meeting the above three basic requirements can we better package products and reduce costs. The corflute box for packaging just meets these requirements.

7. Corflute box with dividers

Widely used in hardware accessories, electronic products industry. It can customize the appropriate compartment according to the product size, play the role of anti-skid, shock-proof, anti-corrosion, etc., and protect the product more effectively.

8. Corrugated plastic pet carrier

The most annoying thing for pet owners is that the pet box has an unpleasant smell and is difficult to clean. General pet cages are fixed, which are neither easy to move nor easy to clean. The corrugated plastic pet carrier can be folded, and it is not easy to get stains. Smooth surfaces are also easy to clean.

9. Custom coroplast boxes

Of course, in addition to the above conventional types, we can also customize special styles for you according to your requirements.

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