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Correx rolls(also known as corrugated plastic rolls, coroplast rolls, corflute rolls, etc) are normally used as protection material for floors, stairs, doors, walls and many surfaces which require perfect protection, our rolls can be customized according to your specific requirements, no length limit, maximum width is 2600mm, thickness normally ranges from 2mm to 4mm, the GSM(weight per square meter) ranges from 200g-1200g. Among them, the 2mm rolls are the most popular. Owing the its special hollow structure, corrugated plastic roll is lightweight and much durable.

Features of correx rolls:

  1. Moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, salt-alkali resistant.
  2. Thoughlightweight, high compressive strength.
  3. The coroplast roll hasstable chemical properties, is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, and is environmentally friendly.
  4. Corflute rollcan add different color masterbatches to the raw materials according to the customers’s requirements to produce rolls of various colors required by customers.
  5. The sheet material of the our plastic rollsis extremely processable, and it can be used for painting, filming and other processes.

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We believe that only high-quality corrugated plastics and excellent services can bring us lasting business.

After more than 10 years of development, we have formed a mature quality control system from raw materials to finished products.

All of our raw materials come from fixed suppliers, We check the materials provided to us by our suppliers every time. Moreover, all our products have been certificated by SGS and ISO9001, you can rest assured of our product quality.

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