Applications of pp corrugated pallet layer pads in food industry


Pp corrugated pallet layer pads have been deeply loved by the food industry since their birth. The pallet layer pads are made of waterproof and moisture-proof polypropylene. They are the separation device between food and food, which can not only increase the stability of the load but also save a lot of space. Next, let’s take a look at the uses of layer pad pallet sheets in the food industry.

1. Applications:

(1) Storage – In some large supermarkets or food factories, the staff will store a large amount of food in the warehouse. In order to save the storage space of the warehouse and find various foods more conveniently, people will select pp corrugated pallet layer pads to store these foods. The plastic corrugated layer pads can make better use of space and classify food.

(2) Transportation -In daily life, it is often seen that the foods carried by large trucks are stacked very high, but they are very strong, and there is no possibility of collision between the food and the food. This is to use the good load capacity and separation device of layer pad pallet sheets to make the food reach its destination safely.

(3) Packaging – The pallet layer pads are used with the box, which can better package fragile products. One layer of bottle support and one layer of food are stacked. Using plastic separator sheets can make use of the limited space of the box to a great extent and place some products in an orderly manner.

pallet layer pads

2. The advantages of the corrugated plastic pallet layer pads:

(1) The plastic corrugated tier sheet is easy to clean, and because of its smooth surface, it is not easy to get stains.

(2) It has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, compared with cardboard, it will not become soft due to humid environment.

(3) It is easy to print. For brand owners, you can print your own logo on the board to increase brand awareness.

(4) The pp hollow layer sheet is also resistant to corrosion and will not affect the service life due to product leakage.

(5) It is very environmentally friendly. People can recycle and reuse the discarded pallet layer pads. It can save resources for society and reduce the garbage on the earth.

(6) The layer pad pallet sheets can also be recycled. In this way, the cost of the hollow plate bottle holder is much lower than that of disposable cardboard.

3. Related corrugated plastic layer pads:

4. Four types of food are often used in corrugated plastic layer pads:

(1) Metal canned food – the instant porridge, milk powder, protein powder, oat, etc. that we often eat are all packaged in metal cans.

(2) Glass bottled food – Soy sauce, vinegar, and beer are generally packaged in glass bottles and are also the most consumed products on a daily basis.

(3) Food in plastic bottles – People often use plastic bottles to package carbonated drinks and juices.

(4) Boxed snacks – in Linglangmanmu supermarkets, you often see all kinds of boxed snacks, such as candy, dessert, chocolate, biscuits, etc.

pallet layer pads

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