How to distinguish the quality of corrugated fluted plastic sheet?


Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for corrugated fluted plastic sheet(also known as fluted polypropylene plastic cardboard,fluted twin wall plastic sheet,coroplast fluted polypropylene sheet, fluted correx, Correx sheet, corflute sheet,etc) in the market, and people who often use it will find that its quality on the market is uneven, which is very troublesome. Then here we share two methods to distinguish the quality of corrugated fluted polypropylene sheet:

(1)Pinch correx sheet

The first way is to pinch, because the hardness of the poor fluteboard is the worst, the edge part of the polypropylene hollow corflute sheet will be dented by hand. If it is found that the hollow board is dented gently, and even the original shape cannot be restored after the dent, Or it can be torn by gently tearing it with your hands. This kind of hollow board must be a low-quality hollow board.

(2)See corrugated fluted plastic sheet

The second way is to see whether the surface of the corrugated fluted plastic sheet has a certain gloss and the color of its cross-section. The high-quality hollow board is made of new raw materials, with good color gloss, no pitting, no slight spots, no moths, and no decay. And the poor quality fluteboard will have some of these problems.

If you want to buy high-quality fluted twin wall plastic sheets or other fluteboard products, a reliable manufacturer is also an important factor.

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