Main applications of cheap corflute sheets


The cheap corflute sheets are also known as corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast panels, fluted plastic sheets, and PP hollow boards. It is a lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, anti-stretching, durable Corrosion, and high strength sheet. Huiyuan can customize sheets of corflute in different shapes or sizes and colors according to different customer needs. Compared with injection molding products, large corflute sheets have the advantages of shock resistance, flexible design structure, no need to open injection molds, and no need for expensive mold costs.

Main applications of cheap corflute sheets

1. Custom Corrugated Plastic Outdoor Sign Board Coroplast Sign

The sheets of corflute are easily available in various shades. So you can use them for signage too. You can print anything on these panels and use them for any signage purpose. The best printing method for these panels is UV printing.

2. Cost-effective 2-5mm Correx Floor Protectors

The large corflute sheets are needed to protect floors, doors, windows, furniture, and stairs when your house is under construction or interior renovation. Because some tools are blunt and heavy, it is easy to break them. So people generally choose to use 2mm correx floor protection sheets, because this thickness is the most economical.

3. Eco-friendly Edge Rolled Corflute Tree Guards

The survival rate of seedlings is low, and protecting seedlings has always been a very difficult problem. So corflute tree guards made of corflute sheets were born, also known as tree guard sleeves, corflute plant guards, coroplast tree guards, pp plastic tree protectors, etc. Our pp tree guards are typically used with sticks inserted near the soil and young trees to protect them from the sun, wind, and bad weather.

4. Huiyuan can make cheap corflute sheets into corrugated plastic boxes

Huiyuan can make coroplast panels into very popular corrugated plastic containers. Various industries can use them to package various products. Our most commonly used pp corrugated boxes are used to package auto parts, hardware, electronics, and other household items.

5. Corrugated plastic pet carrier

PP hollow sheets can be used in pet enclosures. No need to buy a fence for your pet when you can make one yourself for less money. These panels are easy to clean and require no maintenance, so you can use them for pet enclosures. correx sheets can also be made into corrugated plastic pet carriers for you to carry your pet from one place to another.

6. Corrugated plastic Layer pads/tier sheets

Corrugated Plastic sheets are flexible, versatile, and impact resistant. They are perfect for packaging or holding a variety of bottled products. Not only that, but they are eco-friendly, so they don’t affect the quality of the item. You can easily staple them at any time.

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