Heavy Load Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers

Quick Details:

Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)
Brand Name:  Huiyuan
Material:  PP + HDPE
Color:  Blue/Grey/Black Custom
Size:  Can be customized
OEM/ ODM:  Accept
MOQ:  50 pieces


    What are Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers?

    Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers are also named plastic coaming boxes, bubble guard box, plastic gaylord pallet containers, plastic gaylord box, or collapsible pallet box. The corrugated plastic gaylord containers are made up of a pallet base, a top lid, as well as a foldable sleeve. The pallet and top lid are normally manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic. And the sleeve is made of high-strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene structural material also referred to as “honeycomb”.

    Parameters of plastic gaylord pallet boxes/container

    color In Size(L*W)
    Out Size(L*W)(mm)
    Out/In H ( Custom)
    Custom 960*770mm 1040*850mm 860/685mm
    HY-11201 Custom 1040*1040mm 1120*1120mm 860/685mm
    1060*1060mm 1140*1140mm 860/685mm
    HY-12001 Custom 1120*930mm 1200*1000mm 860/685mm
    HY-12201 Custom 1140*1070mm 1220*1150mm 860/685mm
    HY-12408 Custom 1160*760mm 1240*840mm 860/685mm
    HY-12401 Custom 1160*960mm
    HY-14701 Custom 1370*1070mm 1470*1150mm

    Applications of pallet sleeve boxes

    • Hardware industry
    • Auto parts
    • Electronic industry
    • Logistics industry
    • Pharmaceuticals industry
    • Warehousing industry

    Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers

    Advantages of pallet sleeve box

    1. Economic-Space-saving (there is volume saving of more than 80 % as folded). Saving from storage and shipping costs.
    2. Box Height-Height of the box can be adjusted in order to achieve optimum packaging density.
    3. Sleeve thickness and lightness-Obtaining various thicknesses or weights are possible depending on the loading capacity.
    4. Label Pockets-Label pockets in various forms are available for labeling and branding of the containers.
    5. Print-Print may be made on single or all sides. Different color options may be used on the plate or print.
    6. Loading Covers-The loading covers may be done to the body of the box in order to provide easy loading and unloading.
    7. Closed Box-edge-In the case of certain applications, such as applications requiring special hygiene, sealing of the outer edge by welding is possible.
    8. Partition and Forming Inserts-Packaging or forming inserts specific to the product may be developed for securely packaging of the materials.
    9. Ease of Use- Stackability which provides space-saving.
    10. Extra Strength-Products with increased density and thickness are available for resisting heavy loads.

    Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Containers

    About us:

    Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Co., Ltd is one of the professional plastic coroplast box manufacturers in China, and we already have 17 years of export experience. Therefore, about making coroplast box, we are very professional.

    We can customize all kinds of coroplast boxes to customers’ requirements.

    We have obtained many certificates, including SGS, CE, ISO, etc. So our quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured. Choose the best quality from the same price, and choose the best price from the same quality, if you need corrugated plastic boxes, we will be your best choice!

    If you want to know more about Huiyuan corrugated plastic coroplast boxes, Please click on the article below!

    Corrugated Plastic Boxes For Sale





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      Company Profile About Huiyuan Plastic 

      Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., LTD is a leading corrugated plastic sheet manufacturer in China for more than 14 years.

      Corrugated plastic sheets company

      Our main products include Corrugated plastic sheets(also can be called correx sheets, corflute sheets, coroplast sheets, pp hollow sheets, danpla sheets), fruits/vegetables packaging plastic corrugated box, layer pads, advertising signs, floor protection sheets/rolls, delta traps, leaf chutes, waste bins, corflute tree guards, etc. Available for "S" type, Ultraviolet treated, Corona treated, Antistatic, Conductive, Fire-retardant, etc.

      Our Factory Overview

      Our factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters. Now we have 11 advanced production lines with full sets of auxiliary machines running 2 shifts every day. There are more than 150 employees in the company, 18 management personal, 6 R&D Personnel,  19 sales personal, and101 skilled workers. Now the output is up to 14,000 tons per year.

      Corrugated plastic sheets production line

      Our Certificates Of Honor

      Through the comprehensive implementation of the quality policy, the company strives to strengthen enterprise management and has won the honorary titles of “National Supervision and Testing Quality Reassuring Brand”, “China Well-known Trademark”, “Clean Production Enterprise” and “Safe Production Standardization Enterprise”. And obtained the "International Standard Product Mark Certificate" issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and the "National Inspection-Free Product" certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Moreover, all company's products reached the international standard of SGS.

      Corrugated plastic sheets certificates

      100% Quality Guarantee

      We always adhere to the idea of "Quality is the core of an enterprise", build market demand with the brand image, and have won the appreciation and trust of all domestic and international customers with excellent quality and perfect service.



      huiyuanboard certificates

      If you want to view more certificates, please click here!


      1.  Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

             A: We are a real manufacturer of corrugated plastic boards, our factory located in Suzhou City ( nearby Shanghai), Jiangsu Province. You are welcome to visit.

      2.  How long is your delivery time?

             A: Usually it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock, or it is according to your order quantity.

      3.  How could I get a sample?      

             A: Sample normally is free of charge but the air express fee is usually borne by the customer. When a sample order is placed, please also inform us of your account No. of the courier company, such as DHL or FedEx, the full name of the company, address, zip code, contact person, and Tel.

      4.  Could I get your company product price list?          

             A: Sure, please kindly tell us your requested details, such as thickness, color, weight/m2, raw materials request, end application, etc. Later we will offer you a quotation for the first time.

      5.  Payment Terms: How do we arrange payment?   

             A: T/T/paypal/ west union: Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer), 30% down payment, balance upon before shipment or against copy bill of lading.

      We ship to over 80 countries worldwide. As one of the Chinese largest manufacturers of corrugated plastic panels, we export a variety of corrugated plastic products. Our multilingual sales team is available to make working with foreign friends easily.

      Main corrugated plastic products:

      Corrugated plastic panels, coroplast box, floor protection, tree guards, advertising boards, delta traps.
      corrugated plastic sheets container loading corrugated plastic sheets container loading


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