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Custom coroplast signs are environmentally friendly plastic sheets with a smooth surface for easy printing. Coroplast sign board is actually PP corrugated sheet, and its raw material is non-toxic polypropylene material. Coroplast printing is generally used for road signs, hazard warnings, promotions, exhibitions, real estate signs, etc. When printing advertising boards, choosing the polypropylene corrugated sheet is the most cost-effective. The coroplast sign printing shows up every day as a property ‘for sale’ sign, so if you’re wondering if polypropylene corrugated plastic is the right choice, read on.

Specific applications of cheap coroplast signs

  1. Corrugated plastic signs can be used in the courtyard. Many of our British friends like to hold parties in the yard, and they will choose coroplast yard signs to show the theme of the event. After the event, people can also quickly clean up the site and move the coroplast printing to the warehouse.
  2. Blank coroplast signs are mostly used for road signs and warning signs. Because blank corrugated plastic signs are the most economical and have the greatest demand. On the other hand, the printing effect of the coroplast whiteboard is simpler, more eye-catching, and more warning.
  3. 4mm coroplast signs are often used as election sign boards. The candidate’s information and profile can be printed on the white PP hollow board, allowing those who support themselves to vote for themselves.
  4. In various exhibitions, many companies will also choose this coroplast display to display the company’s products and corporate culture.

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Advantages of corrugated plastic sign printing

  • The printed corflute signs are waterproof and moisture-proof. Even if you put promotional signs at the door to attract customers, you don’t have to worry about damaging the signs in rainy days.
  • It can be recycled and processed into other plastic products. In today’s scarce resources, choosing this kind of environmentally friendly materials is what each of our enterprises should do.
  • The surface is smooth and easy to clean, just wipe gently to dry the stains. Moreover, the pores of the board will not accumulate water and breed bacteria.
  • Coroplast sign board is very cost-effective. Specially treated corrugated plastic sign printing, better coloring, can be used for 2 years or more.
  • The corflute printing boards are light in weight and very convenient for mobile installation.
  • Customized corrugated signboards have good UV resistance and can be used outdoors. In sunny New Zealand, we often see this kind of corrugated cardboard sign.
  • Polyflute can customize the size and thickness of the advertising board according to your requirements. Commonly used sizes are 4×8, 18×24, 24 x 36, etc. 4-10 mm is the most common thickness.

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