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Huiyuan coroplast supplier specializes in the production of coroplast sheets, esd corrugated sheets, and flame retardant coroplast plastic sheets. And provide high-quality and competitive customized products for electronics companies, automobile companies, and signage industries. We also offer other custom packaging solutions. Coroplast creates ideas for protective packaging with aesthetic value. People also call them polypropylene corrugated sheets, corrugated plastic sheets, corflute sheets, correx sheets, polyflute sheets, etc. Huiyuan corflute supplier turns your imagination into wealth with strong strength.

Applications of coroplast panels

Reusable Plastic Wardrobe Box

This kind of wardrobe is mostly used for mobile and has high load-bearing requirements, so we recommend thick corrugated plastic boards for making it. Although the corrugated plastic wardrobe is bulky, it can be folded and stored when not in use, which is especially suitable for people who often move in European and American countries.

All kinds of pp corrugated packaging boxes

corrugated plastic board is the preferred material for making packaging boxes. Usually the board color will choose the same color as the brand so that the packaging box has more brand effect. We have a large stock of colored corrugated plastic sheets to guarantee your needs. Huiyuan coroplast supplier has produced nearly a hundred styles of boxes, such as vegetable and fruit boxes, seafood boxes, logistics boxes, snack packaging boxes, anti-static boxes, auto parts packaging boxes, etc.

Plastic tree guards

In New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and other countries with particularly good greenery, you will find many seedling protectors made of green corrugated plastic sheets. This material can be used outdoors for about 2 years, which happens to be the period when seedlings most need protection.

Correx floor protection

usually some large equipment need to use correx boards to protect the edges and sides of the equipment to prevent wear and tear during handling. On large construction sites, correx sheets are also used as fences or ground protection to keep the construction site clean and safe.

Coroplast sign board

people usually choose coroplast boards as printing plates. Such as road signs, warning signs, promotional signs, real estate sales display signs, temporary outdoor courtyard signs, etc. that can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

Advantages of coroplast sheets

  • Corrugated plastic sheets can provide additional resistance to UV rays, severe weather, static loads, and fire.
  • And corrugated plastic panels adapt to climate change and unforeseen difficulties.
  • These corflute panels are 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Polypropylene is resistant to many chemicals at normal temperatures.
  • PP copolymer has living hinge properties, so plastic corrugated sheeting is widely used in indoor and outdoor applications in signage, packaging, protection, construction, and other fields.

Wholesale PP corrugated sheets with low price and high quality

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