6 options to enhance coroplast shipping boxes


“Our customers have strict continuous improvement goals,” said Rico Wang, Huiyuan’s channel manager. “coroplast shipping boxes are an efficient and convenient packaging and logistics solution. It helps our customers save money and time and be part of a greater cause. Huiyuan coroplast bins are produced in an inclusive work environment, with disabled Working side by side with non-disabled people. Every time we help a client, we are also providing work for people who may not have a job opportunity.”

100% recyclable coroplast containers are made from polypropylene for strength and longevity. Huiyuan can produce various standard boxes or custom coroplast boxes, such as configuration, size, additional options, weight, and color can be customized.

6 options to enhance coroplast shipping boxes

You can enhance coroplast bins in a number of ways, be it organizer bins, consumer packaging, or delivery bins for fast food delivery businesses. While all of these won’t necessarily apply to every product type, this is a great option. Hopefully, the following 6 points will help you achieve your goals and inspire you as much as possible when sourcing coroplast containers.

1. Huiyuan provides custom coroplast boxes with exclusive design

It’s easy for us! We can customize all kinds of coroplast boxes according to customers’ requirements. Examples include suitcases, glass boxes with dividers, warehouse pick bins, corrugated plastic boxes with lids, and a variety of sizes, styles, and designs.

2. Folded or stacked coroplast shipping boxes

For exported coroplast bins boxes, we usually focus on folded or stacked designs. The purpose of this is to reduce shipping costs. And the folded box is more convenient to store when empty and does not take up space.

3. Ultrasonic welding, add frames

In Huiyuan, there are many ways to fix custom coroplast boxes. Using the most advanced seamless welding technology, the appearance of the box will be more beautiful. Using ultrasonic welding technology will make your case stronger. Of course, if you want your container to be more load-bearing, you can add a metal frame or a plastic frame.

4. You can also set up handles and other accessories

Huiyuan can design handles directly into your Coroplast Box. We can also add these handles using a range of molded plastic parts and fixtures. This also extends to other elements such as clamps, ejectors, stacking corners, hand holes, and more, meaning your coroplast containers are both functional and eye-catching.

5. Match liners/dividers

Liners and dividers can have many benefits. They can help protect the contents of packages during transit by minimizing movement. Apart from that, the same insert or stand can be used to display the product when the package is first opened. It can also be used for continued safe storage of the product (meaning the end user is more likely to retain the packaging). They can also be used to send multiple items in one package, and special materials like foam board or even foam can be used to protect delicate surfaces.

6. Design coroplast Box With Silk Screen Printing custom

Coroplast boxes are available in a variety of printing options. Most commonly, a simple one-color or two-color screen printing will be used to create logos and branding. But Huiyuan can offer three-color printing, which sounds particularly exciting.

Choose the right coroplast containers according to your requirements

Please click on the products below for more information on the various coroplast shipping boxes you can source from Huiyuan. However, if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us – Huiyuan can provide professional design and customization for almost any industry or application.

Why use custom coroplast boxes?

For some applications, it is necessary to use coroplast boxes instead of corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated plastic is more wear-resistant than cardboard, and is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and more. This makes it a more suitable choice for multi-stroke and supply chain applications. Its easy-to-clean surface and the fact that it doesn’t shed fibers also make it ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, and cleanroom applications. However, due to the wide variety of color and printing options, coroplast bins can also be used in retail and consumer applications, making them ideal value-added packaging (i.e. that the end user will retain for ongoing storage or other uses).

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