Why should we choose anti-static corrugated plastic sheets?


Brief introduction:

The anti-static corrugated plastic sheet is a special sheet, which is widely used in various fields, especially in electronics, medicine, precision instruments industry, playing an increasingly important role in the modern industrial field.

Excellent anti-static properties:

  • prevent static electricity:

Through special surface treatment, it can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, so as to protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic damage.

  • rapid dissipation of static electricity:

When external charges are accidentally attached to the surface of the plate, it can quickly dissipate these charges to the ground, maintaining the charge balance on the surface of the plate.

Anti-static corrugated plastic sheets

Advantages of hollow structure:

  • lightweight and durable:

The hollow structure makes the sheet greatly reduce the weight while maintaining the strength, which is easy to handle and transport. At the same time, the hollow structure also enhances the compression resistance and impact resistance of the sheet.

  • good heat and sound insulation:

The air layer in it can effectively isolate the transmission of heat and sound, providing good protection for the product.

Environmental protection and recyclability:

  • environmentally friendly materials:

It is usually made of environmentally friendly materials, such as polypropylene (PP), which nearly causes no pollution to the environment during usage.

  • recyclable:

After it reaches its service life, it can be recycled and reused to reduce resource waste.

Flexible and customizable:

It can be customized according to actual needs, such as size, color, thickness, etc., meeting  the needs of different industries and applicable scenarios.

Concrete applications of the anti-static corrugated plastic sheet:

  • electronics industry:

It is particularly widely used in the electronics industry, such as the packaging and transportation of electronic components, integrated circuits, etc.

  • pharmaceutical industry:

Pharmaceuticals are extremely sensitive to static electricity, it can effectively protect pharmaceuticals from static electricity damage.

  • precision instruments:

For the packaging and transportation of precision instruments and equipment, it can provide safe protection.


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