Why should we choose picking bins?


Current situation:

In modern logistics and warehousing management, choosing the right storage tools is crucial. Picking bins are gradually favored by the majority of enterprises. Then i will explain the reasons that you should choose picking bins.

Definition and characteristics of picking bins:

Picking bins, also known as a plastic turnover box or logistics box, is a reusable storage container made of plastic and other materials. It is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, stackable and suitable for a variety of warehousing and logistics scenarios.

picking bins

Reasons for selecting picking bins:

improve space utilization:

The design of picking bins allows them to be stacked vertically, thus maximizing the use of warehouse space. This flexible storage method helps to reduce space waste and improve the storage capacity of the warehouse.

improve logistics efficiency:

The standardized design of picking bins makes it easy to handle and identify. By using it, companies can optimize the loading and unloading process of goods, reducing the number of handling times, thus improving logistics efficiency.

reduce transportation costs:

It has good compression resistance and stability, which can ensure the safety of goods during transportation. At the same time, due to its reusable characteristics, enterprises can reduce the need for disposable packaging materials, thus reducing transportation costs.

environmental protection and energy saving:

It is made of environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled to help reduce waste generation and environmental pollution. In addition, its lightweight characteristic also helps to reduce energy consumption.


In conclusion, due to its excellent features, picking bins are widely used in various fields. The selection of picking bins is of great significance to improve the warehousing and logistics management level of enterprises.







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