Applications of orange corrugated plastic sheets


In today’s diversified packaging and transportation fields, orange corrugated plastic boards, as a high-quality, multi-functional material, are becoming increasingly popular and widely used. Its unique color and durability give it unparalleled advantages in many fields. Plastic corrugated sheets are also known as coroplast panels, correx boards, corflute sheets, danpla sheets, impraboards, cartonplast, PP hollow sheets, etc.

Anti-static correx sheets can be made into electronic packaging boxes

For precision electronics, PP ESD corrugated boxes provide ideal protection. Its sturdy structure can effectively prevent shocks and collisions, ensuring that electronic devices remain intact during transportation. At the same time, due to its compact board and waterproof properties, it can effectively prevent the intrusion of water vapor and provide comprehensive protection for electronic equipment.

PP corrugated boards can be made into auto parts transport boxes

Auto parts often come in different shapes and sizes, which require extremely high packaging materials. Orange corrugated plastic has become an ideal choice for auto parts transportation due to its flexible customization capabilities and excellent load-bearing capacity. It can be customized according to the shape and size of different accessories, ensuring that each accessory is properly protected. Usually, corrugated plastic boxes with dividers are most popular in the auto parts industry.

Orange corrugated plastic sheets can be made into fruit and vegetable packaging boxes

Corrugated plastic panels are particularly suitable as packaging materials for fruits and vegetables due to their compact structure and excellent waterproof properties. While protecting fresh fruits and vegetables from bumps and moisture erosion, its sturdy and durable features also ensure safety during transportation. Corrugated plastic packaging boxes not only make fruits and vegetables look fresher and more attractive but also greatly extend their shelf life.

corrugated plastic box

Correx euro stacking pick bins

Coroplast sheets can be customized into various sizes and colors of picking boxes for warehouse. Correx picking bins are not only strong and durable but also can be stacked and stored, greatly improving the space utilization of the warehouse. Its bright color also makes the picking process faster and more accurate, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

Corrugated plastic sheets can be made into corflute tree guards

During the planting process of saplings, corflute sheets can be used as an ideal protective material. Its compact structure can effectively prevent soil erosion and protect the saplings from damage by external forces. Its waterproof performance ensures that saplings can stay dry in humid environments, helping to improve the survival rate of saplings.

Corrugated plastic wardrobe boxes for moving

Orange corrugated plastic boards are particularly suitable for moving wardrobes due to their waterproof and moisture-proof properties. This kind of wardrobe is not only structurally stable and durable but also can effectively prevent the growth of moisture and mold, ensuring the dryness and cleanliness of clothes. At the same time, due to its compact structure and sturdy characteristics, it can also effectively prevent clothing from sliding, ensuring safety during the moving process.

PP hollow sheets can be made into correx floor protection sheets

When decorating or maintaining floors, orange corrugated plastic or PP hollow boards in other colors can be used as a temporary protective layer to prevent tools and materials from causing damage to the floor. Its compact structure and solid characteristics can effectively resist the pressure and friction of heavy objects, ensuring the safety of the floor during decoration and maintenance.

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In general,  as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, orange corrugated plastic products will be applied and developed in more fields.

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