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Quick Details:

Brand Name:  Huiyuan plastic
Material:  PP
Color:  White, black, grey, blue, yellow, red, etc
Size:  Can be customized, standard size: 1220mm x 2440mm
Thickness: 2-12mm, or customized

OEM/ ODM:  Accept
Port: Shanghai


The white corrugated plastic sheet is a hollow structural plastic sheet made of polypropylene (PP) material. It has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, environmental protection, waterproof and moisture-proof. The main reason why the white corrugated plastic sheet is popular is that it is beautiful, widely applicable, and has good performance.

Corrugated plastic boards are also called coroplast sheets, corflute sheets, correx boards, PP hollow sheets, polyflute sheets, danpla sheets, etc.

Specification of Polypropylene fluted sheets

  • Thickness: 2-12 mm
  • Weight: From 250g/m2 to 4500g/m2
  • Standard Size: 2440mmx1220mm or as customer‘s request
  • Grade: Common boards, Corona treated, ESD/Anti-static, Conductive, UV stabilized, and Fireproof boards;
  • Packing: Plastic shrink film and wooden pallet or as requested;
  • Color: White/blank, black, blue, grey, red, orange, or as requested;

The features of coroplast sheets are as follows:

  1. Lightweight: Because the structure of PP corrugated sheets is hollow, it is light in weight and easy to handle and transport.
  2. High strength: Corflute sheets adopt a pressure-resistant and impact-resistant structure made through a special process, which has high strength and stiffness.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Correx sheets are made of environmentally friendly material polypropylene (PP), contain no toxic components, and can be recycled and reused.
  4. Waterproof and moisture-proof: PP hollow sheets have good waterproof and moisture-proof properties and are suitable for use in humid environments.
  5. Anti-static (optional): You can choose the anti-static type, which is suitable for electronic product packaging and other occasions that require anti-static performance.
  6. Flame retardant (optional): You can choose the flame retardant type to increase safety performance.
  7. Aging resistance and weather resistance: Corrugated plastic sheets have good aging resistance and weather resistance and can be used outdoors for a long time.
  8. Corrosion resistance: Polyflute sheets are resistant to chemical corrosion and are not susceptible to acid, alkali, etc. corrosion.
  9. Beautiful: The surface of the white corrugated plastic sheet is smooth, the color can be customized, and it is beautiful and elegant. It is widely used in packaging, advertising, decoration, and other fields.
  10. Good processing performance: PP hollow boards can be processed by cutting, drilling, thermoforming, etc., and can be bonded with other materials and used in combination.

White corrugated plastic sheet is generally used in the following areas:

  1. Packaging industry: such as cargo packaging, turnover boxes, partitions, chassis, etc., to provide good protection for products.
  2. Advertising industry: such as advertising boards, display stands, signboards, etc., which are beneficial to improving advertising effects.
  3. Construction industry: such as wall partitions, interior and exterior wall panels, suspended ceilings, sun panels, etc., to improve the performance of buildings.
  4. Decoration industry: such as display supplies, storage boxes, furniture, etc., which are beautiful and practical.
  5. Electronic industry: such as anti-static panels, electronic component packaging, etc., to protect the safety of electronic products.
  6. Auto parts industry: such as automobile interior decoration, industrial conveying equipment, etc., to improve automobile performance.

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    Company Profile About Huiyuan Plastic 

    Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., LTD is a leading corrugated plastic sheet manufacturer in China for more than 14 years.

    Corrugated plastic sheets company

    Our main products include Corrugated plastic sheets(also can be called correx sheets, corflute sheets, coroplast sheets, pp hollow sheets, danpla sheets), fruits/vegetables packaging plastic corrugated box, layer pads, advertising signs, floor protection sheets/rolls, delta traps, leaf chutes, waste bins, corflute tree guards, etc. Available for "S" type, Ultraviolet treated, Corona treated, Antistatic, Conductive, Fire-retardant, etc.

    Our Factory Overview

    Our factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters. Now we have 11 advanced production lines with full sets of auxiliary machines running 2 shifts every day. There are more than 150 employees in the company, 18 management personal, 6 R&D Personnel,  19 sales personal, and101 skilled workers. Now the output is up to 14,000 tons per year.

    Corrugated plastic sheets production line

    Our Certificates Of Honor

    Through the comprehensive implementation of the quality policy, the company strives to strengthen enterprise management and has won the honorary titles of “National Supervision and Testing Quality Reassuring Brand”, “China Well-known Trademark”, “Clean Production Enterprise” and “Safe Production Standardization Enterprise”. And obtained the "International Standard Product Mark Certificate" issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and the "National Inspection-Free Product" certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Moreover, all company's products reached the international standard of SGS.

    Corrugated plastic sheets certificates

    100% Quality Guarantee

    We always adhere to the idea of "Quality is the core of an enterprise", build market demand with the brand image, and have won the appreciation and trust of all domestic and international customers with excellent quality and perfect service.



    huiyuanboard certificates

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    1.  Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

           A: We are a real manufacturer of corrugated plastic boards, our factory located in Suzhou City ( nearby Shanghai), Jiangsu Province. You are welcome to visit.

    2.  How long is your delivery time?

           A: Usually it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock, or it is according to your order quantity.

    3.  How could I get a sample?      

           A: Sample normally is free of charge but the air express fee is usually borne by the customer. When a sample order is placed, please also inform us of your account No. of the courier company, such as DHL or FedEx, the full name of the company, address, zip code, contact person, and Tel.

    4.  Could I get your company product price list?          

           A: Sure, please kindly tell us your requested details, such as thickness, color, weight/m2, raw materials request, end application, etc. Later we will offer you a quotation for the first time.

    5.  Payment Terms: How do we arrange payment?   

           A: T/T/paypal/ west union: Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer), 30% down payment, balance upon before shipment or against copy bill of lading.

    We ship to over 80 countries worldwide. As one of the Chinese largest manufacturers of corrugated plastic panels, we export a variety of corrugated plastic products. Our multilingual sales team is available to make working with foreign friends easily.

    Main corrugated plastic products:

    Corrugated plastic panels, coroplast box, floor protection, tree guards, advertising boards, delta traps.
    corrugated plastic sheets container loading corrugated plastic sheets container loading