The importance of brown corrugated plastic sheets in the packaging industry


In today’s society, the choice of packaging materials has a vital impact on product protection, transportation, and environmental protection. Among them, brown corrugated plastic sheets, as a new packaging material, are gradually attracting attention and favor from the industry due to their unique advantages and wide range of application scenarios.

The concept of brown corrugated plastic sheets

Plastic corrugated boards, also known as PP hollow sheets, corflute boards, correx sheets, danpla sheets, PP corrugated boards, coroplast sheets, polyflute sheets, etc., are plastic raw materials made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). Made of hollow structural panels. Its appearance is flat and smooth, and it has good shock-proof and pressure-resistant properties. It is also lightweight and easy to handle and process.

Comparison of polypropylene fluted sheets with other packaging materials

  • Cardboard: Compared with cardboard, pp corrugated sheets have stronger shock-proof and compression resistance properties and can better protect products from damage during transportation. At the same time, corflute sheets are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Foam plastics: Although foam plastics also have a good shock-proof effect, their production process will cause environmental pollution and are not easy to recycle and reuse. In contrast, recycled corrugated plastic sheets have the advantage of being environmentally friendly.
  • Metal plate: Metal plate has high strength, but is heavy and relatively expensive. Corrugated plastic panels are light in weight, low in price, and can also meet the strength requirements of packaging.

Applicable places for brown corrugated plastic sheets

Because corex sheets have excellent shockproof and compression resistance, environmental protection, and low cost, they are widely used in various fields:
  • Logistics and transportation: Coroplast boards are widely used in the field of logistics and transportation, and can effectively protect products from damage during transportation.
  • Electronic product packaging: The correx plastic sheet has good shock-proof performance and is suitable for electronic product packaging with high shock-proof requirements.
  • Agricultural field: Cheap corflute sheets can be used as packaging materials for agricultural equipment and are also used in the construction of agricultural insulation sheds.
  • Construction industry: 10mm coroplast panels can be used as simple building materials to build simple houses, etc. At the same time, it can also be made into pallets for the turnover transportation of building materials.

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