Custom Coroplast Material Sheets Density


1. What is coroplast material?

The coroplast material (also known as correx material. Corflute material, pp hollow board) is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic board, the material is polypropylene, with hollow structure, and has the properties of waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Compared with cardboard structure products, correx material has the advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with injection-molded products, the corflute material has the advantages of shockproof, flexible design structure, and no need to open injection molds.

2. Correx material applications

Pp hollow boards are widely used in packaging, machinery, postal services, food, fruits and vegetables, daily chemicals, home appliances, advertising, decoration, construction, medicine, agriculture and other industries.

Coroplast material

3. Do you know about correx material density?

When customers buy coroplast material, they need to know these board requirements, such as size, color, thickness, purpose, etc. Few people know the weight. So today we will talk about the weight of the correx material.

When producing the coroplast material, the thickness and material density of the plastic sheet must be set in the machine. The material density is also called gram weight, which is the weight of the coroplast board of 1 square meter. For example, if the weight of this 5mm pp hollow board is 850g, that is to say, the thickness of this hollow board is 5mm, and the weight of the board for one square meter is 850g.

The thickness of the hollow board ranges from 2mm to 12mm. In the case of the same thickness, the greater the weight of the board, the stronger the hardness of the board. Many customers customize the coroplast material according to their own needs, such as 5mm pp hollow board. , The weight can be made 850 grams, the weight can also be 1200g or 1500 grams, as long as it is between 800-1500. However, no matter how much weight the hollow board is, there will be more or fewer tolerances, as long as it is in a reasonable range.

The following is the weight range of our coroplast material:

Name Coroplast material/corflute material/correx material/pp hollow sheet
Material Environment-friendly Polypropylene
Thickness 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight(g/m2 250-600 400-1000 600-1200 800-1500 1000-1800 1600-2000 1800-3000 2500-4500
Weight tolerance ±15 ±20 ±20 ±25 ±30 ±50 ±60 ±60

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