Why anti-static corrugated plastic boxes are so popular?


Anti-static corrugated plastic boxes also known as ESD correx boxes, ESD polyflute boxes, their raw material is eco-friendly pp. On the basis of the many characteristics of ordinary corrugated pp sheets, it adds the special function,it is anti-static. So the Anti static correx boxes are very popular. Let’s go to learn from the following details:

1. The characteristics of anti-static corrugated plastic box:

(1)The anti-static corrugated plastic box is very convenient to use. It is very light, foldable, and stackable. It does not take up space when it is idle.

(2)The anti-static corrugated plastic box is very convenient to recycle. The special materials it uses are environmentally friendly and recyclable. It effectively saves and uses resources to maximize the benefits of the enterprise.anti-static corugated plastic box2. The application of ESDcorrugated plastic box:

The anti-static corrugated plastic box can eliminate static electricity. Electronic device and electronic product manufacturers often use anti-static corrugated plastic box for transportation or loading. It plays a role of waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof, can be designed flexibly, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

There are many companies that use anti-static corrugated plastic boxes. It is the best first choice for storing and transporting electronic products in the electronics industry. In addition to this, the higher the precision of electronic products, the higher the anti-static index.

3. Why choose Huiyuan anti-static corrugated pp boxes?

(1)   We have a very professional technical team, which can customize the logo, pattern, color and size according to the requirements of customers;

(2)   The anti-static resistance of our corrugated plastic box is 10^6-10^9 Ω, and its antistatic performance is permanent;

(3)   Our factory has passed the new version of ISO, SGS environmental certification and obtained various anti-static and flame-retardant product inspection certificates, which relieves your worries;

(4)   Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has focused on anti-static plastic and other corrugated plastic products for 14 years and has the rich successful experience to solve your problems.

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