What are the corrugated plastic dividers?


Corrugated plastic dividers are made of corrugated plastic sheets. It is also called correx dividers, coroplast dividers, polyflute dividers, cartonplast dividers, etc. It is mainly used to separate some special products so that the products will not be scratched or damaged due to collisions during storage and transportation.

1. What is the difference between ordinary dividers and corrugated plastic dividers?

(1) The materials of ordinary dividers are generally cardboard, foam or wood, which cannot completely protect the product from damage. But with the emergence of the correx dividers, it not only plays the role of divider, but also can effectively extend the service life of the product.

(2) When the ordinary dividers are empty, they need to take up a large space for storage; but the coroplast dividers have the characteristics of folding or stacking, which does not take up space.

(3) Ordinary dividers are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean in the process of transporting products, which are very attractive to flies; while polyflute dividers have a smooth surface, are easy to clean, and have a higher-end appearance due to their special materials and craftsmanship.

(4) Ordinary dividers have a short service life and only used 1 to 2 times. But people can reuse the corrugated plastic dividers more than 50 times, which greatly reduces the number of repeated purchases by enterprises and effectively saves costs.

2. What are the characteristics of coroplast dividers?

(1) Correx dividers are more wear-resistant. People can reuse it, which solves the trouble of repeated purchases.

(2) Its stability and pressure resistance are very high. The correx dividers can safely store fragile products, or they can be used for logistics transportation together with boxes.

(3) It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. When in use, corrugated plastic dividers can effectively isolate the external air, avoid the corrosion of the board and the product.

(4) The polyflute dividers are anti-vibration. During transportation,  greatly reduce the damage rate of the product.

(5) It can also be customized into anti-UV, flame-retardant, anti-static corrugated plastic dividers according to customer requirements.

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3. In which industries are the corrugated plastic dividers mainly used?

(1) Express industry, as the bottom cushion material of logistics packaging boxes.

(2) Maternal and infant industry, as a material for the transportation of maternal and infant products.

(3) Industry, an indispensable material for the storage of spare parts in the workshop.

(4) Catering industry, used for packaging of beer and beverages.

(5) Medical industry, packaging for medicine.

(6) other

corrugated plastic dividers

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