White coroplast sheet for signs


White coroplast sheet is an eco-friendly plastic sheet made of polypropylene material. It is also known as correx/corflute/polyflute/danpla/cartonplast/corrugated plastic board. It has the properties of waterproof, heavy-duty, non-toxic, recyclable, cost-effective, strong and durable, and so on.

Now I will introduce you a special type of coroplast sheet, it is a corona-treated coroplast sheet.

White coroplast sheet for signs

The corona-treated white coroplast sheet is an ordinary coroplast sheet with corona treatment. It’s perfect for printing.

Corona treatment is a kind of electric shock treatment, which makes the surface of the board have higher adhesion. The principle is to use high-frequency and high-voltage corona discharge on the surface of the hollow board (high-frequency AC voltage is as high as 5000-15000 V/㎡) to generate low-temperature plasma. These ions are penetrated by the electric shock to the surface of the board and are destroyed Its molecular structure, and then the surface molecules being treated are oxidized and polarized, and the ion shock corrodes the surface, so as to increase the adhesion ability of the board surface.

After corona treatment, the printed pattern will be clearer, and the printed pattern will last longer.

4x8 corrugated plastic signs boards test

We are a professional coroplast sheets manufacturer in China and the dyne value of our coroplast sheets can reach 60+.

Features of blank coroplast boards:

1. Moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, salt-alkali resistant.
2. There are many kinds of corrugated pp boards. Anti-static correx sheets can be produced by adding anti-static agent to the raw material, flame-retardant correx sheets can be produced by adding flame retardant to the raw material, and conductive agent can be added to the raw material to produce Conductive corflute boards.
3. The coroplast has stable chemical properties, is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, and is environmentally friendly.
4. The sheet material of the corflute board is extremely processable, and it can be used for painting, filming and other processes.

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