Coroplast whiteboard


The definition of coroplast whiteboard:

The coroplast whiteboard is made of eco-friendly recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) and various auxiliary materials.

It has the characteristics of lightweight, impact resistance, impact-resistant, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, flame resistance, anti-aging, cost-effective, etc. It is a high-tech, high comprehensive performance, energy-saving and environmental protection plastic sheet widely used internationally.

The parameter with coroplast boards:

Name corflute/correx/coroplast/corrugated plastic sheets
Material PP (polypropylene)
Width (mm) ≤2600 mm
Length(mm) Customized
Thickness (mm) 2-12 mm
Weight(g/sqm) 250GSM—3000GSM according to customized
Function Common
Corona Treated ( Dyne 60+)
Anti-Static/ESD boards(10^6~10^9Ω)
Conductive sheets (10^3~10^5Ω)
Colors white, grey, black, blue, Customized
OEM/ODM Accept

What Are The Usage Of whiteboard coroplast?

1. Product packaging: The versatile, flexible and impact-resistant corrugated plastic sheet is ideal for packaging products. No expensive mold costs, more durable than cardboard, and environmentally friendly. It can be assembled into various types of packaging boxes using welding and binding techniques. Widely used in all industries.
2. Advertising industry: Coroplast sheets can be used indoor or outdoor signage. Coroplast sign is a very popular advertising signboard for market leaders, such as children’s drawings, street advertisements, restaurant menus, photo frame backboards, display stands, yard signs, road signs, birthday parties, election cards, etc.
3. Agriculture: Corflute sapling protectors (Improve the survival rate of young trees)
4. Plastic delta traps(Delta traps are ideal for use with pheromone lures to monitor populations of moths. Our delta traps are made of durable pp corrugated sheets which added UV material.)

5. Beverage industry: Plastic tier sheets(used for ).
6. Luggage and bags industry: Use for the divider, Partition.
7. In buildings: Such like the floor protection, Sub-grade, roofing sun-rooms. other protective covers, etc.

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