What are pp flute board corrugated sheets?


PP flute board corrugated sheets are also known as corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast boards, correx sheets, corflute boards, danpla sheets, infraboard, etc. These panels are widely used as floor protection panels in the interior and construction industry as it is proven as a hygienic alternative to traditional materials such as POP for protecting floors from scaffolding during construction or interior work. Both sides of Huiyuan PP flute sheets are corona treated to show the best printability.

As a reliable pp corrugated sheet supplier, Huiyuan has taken its place in the highly competitive market. Customers can get these superior-quality corrugated pp sheets from Huiyuan at the most competitive price. High-quality raw materials from reputed sources are used in the manufacture of these coroplast sheets to ensure the impeccable quality of our products. If you are looking for good quality coroplast manufacturer, Huiyuan is your first choice. Welcome to send us an inquiry at any time.

What are common corrugated plastic products?

Warehouse Pick boxes

Multiple storage picking bins can be combined into a complete warehouse storage space. Each correx picking bin represents a position, which is the smallest space unit in the warehouse. Therefore, a bin represents the exact location where a product is stored in a warehouse. Using warehouse picking boxes of different colors and sizes can distinguish different types of goods so that you can find the corresponding products efficiently. Of course, you can also distinguish them by writing labels. You can use any combination of letters and numbers for corrugated plastic shelf bins coordinates. It is the optimal picking solution for warehouses. The following are several hot-selling styles of correx pick bins. If you are interested, please click to view the details.

Corrugated Platic Packaging

There are hundreds of designs of Corflute boxes. If you purchase locally, you can choose boxes reinforced with side strips or fully assembled coroplast boxes. For customers who are close to each other, we have delivery services. If you are an overseas customer and want to import a batch of corrugated plastic packaging boxes, I recommend folding design models, buy them back and assemble them yourself. Don’t worry about not being able to assemble it yourself, because it is very simple. The following are several classic cases of corrugated plastic boxes, if you are interested, you can click to learn more. You can use them to package products, transport goods, or store toys, etc.

Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bins

Corrugated plastic waste bins are made of environmentally friendly polypropylene. It’s lightweight yet impact resistant. Each corrugated plastic recycling bin ships flat-packed for quick and easy assembly. The bins are washable and fold for easy storage, so you can reuse them again and again. The following are several popular coroplast recycling bins, if you need them, please contact us with the required size and quantity, Huiyuan can customize them for you.

Correx Tree Guards Plastic

Corflute plant guards have been widely used as protective tubes for young tree seedlings and small plants, preventing their growth from being bitten by wild animals. While maintaining enough light, ventilation is also very important, so we will leave ventilation holes on the body of the corrugated plastic tree guards to allow air to enter and exit easily. We make plastic tree guards in various sizes with unique labeling system. You can open the sapling tree protectors directly, lay flat for storage and reuse. Huiyuan is one of the largest tree guard suppliers in China, please contact us if you need it! The following are some typical styles of PP corrugated tree protectors, welcome to click for details.

Correx Protection Sheets

Corrugated floor protection sheets are grooved polypropylene (correx®) sheets suitable for multi-surface impact protection, most commonly used on floors and surfaces, but can also be used in other applications such as windows and walls. Corex protection sheets are a versatile product with a long history in the construction industry and can be used in a variety of applications to protect floors, doors, windows and other valuable objects throughout a site. The following are several common specifications of Correx Floor Protection Sheets/Rolls, if you need to customize, please contact us!

The salient features of Huiyuan pp flute board corrugated sheets:

  • The specially treated plastic corrugated board has a very good printing effect, and the color will not fade for a long time.
  • The color of cor flute sheets is very bright, and the color can be customized according to your needs to make your products more influential.
  • The pp corrugated sheets we produce are made of high-quality polypropylene, which is very environmentally friendly.
  • With waterproof properties, there is no problem with outdoor use.
  • The surface is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight, but extremely durable.
  • The characteristics of corrosion resistance and chemical resistance make it last longer.
  • Product features can be customized, such as fireproof PP flute sheets, antistatic corflute sheets, anti-UV coroplast boards, etc.
  • The price of pp hollow sheet is ultra-low, and you can enjoy the most favorable factory direct selling price in direct wholesale from Huiyuancorrex sheet manufacturers.

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