Features of 3mm corrugated plastic sheets


3mm corrugated plastic sheets Usually people also search on the Internet for “correx sheets 3mm, 3mm correx sheets, 3mm correx board, 3mm corflute sheet, 3mm coroplast, coroplast 3 mm, etc.” Why is the search volume of 3mm pp hollow sheets so high? Because this thickness of the plate is very popular in the market, the use is also very wide, and the price is very reasonable. correx sheets 3mm are extruded sheets made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene material. It is a lightweight, strong, and resilient material widely used in the packaging and advertising industries.

Features of Huiyuan 3mm correx board

  • Can be customized into various pp corrugated boxes
  • Eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic
  • Easy to be printed by silk screen printing, easy to be shaped
  • Waterproof, moisture resistance
  • Hard stiffness with lightweight, durable
  • Anti-static,Conductive,UV treatment,Corona treatment,fire retardant
  • Rich colors, and can be customized
  • High-quality polypropylene material, 100% recyclable

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Applications of 3mm corflute sheet

1. For stroller backboard

The 3mm coroplast board can also be used for the cushion lining board of the stroller. It not only reduces the weight of the stroller but also is very safe.

2. For corrugated plastic boxes

General logistics turnover boxes and packaging boxes are made of correx 4mm boards or 3mm corrugated plastic sheets. Because the bearing capacity and pressure resistance of the 3mm 4mm correx sheet is suitable for most products, it is neither too thin and easy to bend; nor too thick and not easy to fold.

3. For coroplast signs

With the development of business, more and more businesses need to promote themselves in the form of advertisements, so coroplast 3 mm are often used for coroplast signs or product display stands. Many urban streets have also begun to use 3mm corflute sheets as road signs, because of their waterproof and moisture-proof, UV-proof, and corrosion-resistant properties, they are especially suitable for outdoor use.

4. For corrugated plastic layer pads

3mm corrugated plastic sheets can be directly used for layer pads and partitions. The most common is for the storage and transportation of bottled or canned products.

5. For correx floor protection

Correx floor protection is often used on decoration sites and construction sites. The main purpose is to prevent paint stains from staining the ground, doors, windows, and other objects. Generally, this kind of correx floor protection has a large demand and is also a temporary protection sheet, so it is the most cost-effective to choose 3mm correx sheets.

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