Pp corrugated bins


Description of PP corrugated bins:

With increasing attention to environmental protection all over the world, pp corrugated bins have become more and more popular, they are made of polypropylene hollow sheets, the raw material is non-toxic recyclable polypropylene. Just like the pp hollow boards, the pp corrugated boxes also have the characteristics of lightweight, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, rich colors,n on-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, strong and durable, etc.

Today I will introduce you our hot sale bin——plastic carton box

This kind of pp corrugated bin is a carton type box, it is widely used in many industries, such as the electronic industry, packaging logistics, machinery and light industry, food industry, and even the pharmaceutical industry. 

pp corrugated bin box container

The parameter with our pp corrugated box:

Product name
Cost-Effective Impact-Resistant Durable Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Box
Regular: Blue, white, black
Regular: 3mm-5mm
Electronic industry, machinery industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc
Foldable, Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Heavy Duty, Cost-effective, Printable, Etc

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Corrugated plastic box VS carton box

1. If there are no special requirements for packaging, the packaging boxes do not need to be recycled, carton box is generally used, and the price is relatively cheap. If customers need bins to be recycled, the corrugated pp bins are more cost-effective.
2. The polypropylene corrugated case has various colors and can be customized. The carton can also be done, but the process is complicated, and the cost also is high, so the cartons are not cost-effective when customers want to customize colors.
3. The plastic corrugated box can be made into a box with special properties such as anti-static, conductive, anti-UV, and flame retardant, so as to meet the packaging requirements of customers. Cartons don’t have this function.
4. Corrugated plastic box can be used in humid environments because the box is waterproof and moisture-proof, however, carton boxes don’t have this function.
5. The pp corrugated box is made of high-strength PP material, therefore, the pp box is strong and durable, and will not generate debris due to friction with the product during transportation, thereby effectively protecting the product from pollution. This problem will occur in carton boxes, some products with a little weight rubbing with the box will produce debris, causing product contamination and quality problems.

corrugated pp box

Plastic corrugated box manufacturer

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