Corrugated pp boxes for fruits and vegetables


Description of  Corrugated pp boxes:

With increasing attention to environmental protection all over the world, corrugated pp boxes have become more and more popular, which is made of corrugated pp sheets, the raw material is eco-friendly polypropylene. It also can be called corflute box, corrugated plastic storage bin, correx box, coroplast box, Just like the sheet, the box also has the characteristics of lightweight, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-polluting,  rich colors, strong and durable, etc.

Today I will introduce you our new product——corrugated plastic packaging bins for fruits and vegetables

1. The box is made of environmentally friendly pp, when it is used as packaging, the safety of vegetables is guaranteed.
2. Corrugated asparagus packaging box can prevent asparagus from damage when transport.
3. There are many holes in this box, which can ensure the freshness of the asparagus.
4. The box is foldable, when you don’t use it, it can save a lot of space. When you bulk them, this property also can save a lot of your freight cost.

The parameter with corrugated plastic boxes

Product name
pp corrugated  boxes/Coroplast storage boxes
Regular: Blue, white, black
Regular: 3mm-5mm
Load bearing
Electronic industry, machinery industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry
Foldable, waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Cost-effective, Printable, Heavy Duty, Etc

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Corrugated plastic packaging box VS carton box

1. The pp corrugated box can be made into a box with special properties such as anti-static, conductive, anti-UV, and flame retardant, so as to meet the packaging requirements of customers. Cartons cannot do this.
2. The corrugated pp packaging box is moisture-proof and waterproof.  When the box is used in a humid environment, the products in the box can be effectively prevented from being damaged by moisture, and the box will not be affected by moisture. However, when the carton boxes are exposed to water and dampness, the carton boxes will be damaged, which cannot effectively protect the products inside. 
3. The corrugated plastic packaging bins are easy to clean. When there are dirt or water stains on the box, it is easy to clean off. Carton boxes cannot do this.
4. Boxes made of corrugated pp sheets look more high-end.

Coroplast OKRA Box corrugated plastic packaging boxes

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